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October 8th Brings Us Grand Unveiling of Updated BMW G 310 R and GS

Two Small Twins Get An Update

I’ve never been a fan of smaller bikes, mainly because I personally don’t see a use for them unless you live in a tight urban area and are in the market for a little commuter to zip around on (Europe, I’m looking at you) – But hey, that’s just me. I’m sure many of you are looking for a bike to get some fresh air on without having your eyeballs getting sucked to the back of your skull with a face-melting 150+hp bike. I have a death wish and my tombstone better say “1000cc’s” on it.

Jokes aside, I immediately took a keen liking to the G 310 R after I saw the fortnine review of it a number of years ago. It’s a great little bike and would be perfect for getting around town in a crowded city. When I lived in Vancouver and rode a Honda Ruckus year-round (car insurance was way too expensive), I would have definitely looked into a G 310 R if I had available funds for it.

BMW announced they will be unveiling the new and updated BMW G 310 R and GS this coming October on the 8th, and judging by what I’ve seen from some of the images other blogs have snapped photos of, they’re looking great. It appears like the R has an updated headlight and they both feature some newer design elements on the side panels, although they won’t be radically different.

For now, I regrettably don’t have any specs to share with you, but I’m sure we will have them in no time if BMW follows through with their release schedule. You can look at our 2020 model overview here to get a better idea of the current model available, but we will have to wait for the exact specs sheet of the 2021 version to come. This year’s motorcycle unveiling schedule has been a mess due to COVID and shows being shut down left and right, so we’re going to have to play this one by ear and keep an eye out for any news/updates BMW is willing to give up.

in the meantime until the bike is unveiled, check out the review did on a previous version below: