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No surprise Italians vote for Ducati V4

Ducati V4 EICMA surprise safe best hopes
Ducati V4 unveiled

It comes as no surprise that the Ducati Panigale V4 1409 won the vote for the most beautiful bike of the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, making it five years in a row for the Italian company.

Of course Italians will always vote for their own bike at their show, but now you can have your say. Vote in our two polls at the end of this article!

Ducati has won the coveted “most beautiful bike of the show” voted by visitors since 2013 with the Monster 1200 S. In 2014 Ducati won with the Scrambler, Diavel in 2015, SuperSport last year and now the V4.

No surprise here!

And it is no surprise that fellow Italian company MV Agusta won in 2012 with the Rivale 800.

All great-looking bikes and all Italian. 

Similarly it is now surprise that BMW usually wins best bike vote in Germany’s Motorrad magazines. Patriotism wins again.

The Ducati V4 won with 61% of the 16,000+ votes, making it Ducati’s ninth win from 13 shows.

We’re not so sure about the V4, though. It looks a little plump to us, but to each their own.

Ducati Panigale V4 1409 surprise
Ducati Panigale V4 1409

We think there are some more beautiful bikes in the show, some of which come from Japan … surprise surprise!

But no Japanese bike is ever going to be voted most beautiful bike at an Italian show.

Your turn to vote

Now it’s your turn to vote on the best new production model at the 2017 EICMA show.

We’ve ruled out updated models unless they have had a major cosmetic makeover and those debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show a couple of weeks earlier.

There is also a separate poll for the most beautiful concept bike of the show.

You can vote for more than one bike and you can see the voting results as soon as you click the “VOTE” button at the end.

You can also return in a few days and check the progressive tally.

Tell us if you think there was another bike at the show worth including!

  1. There’s no doubt that nobody does style quite like the Italians. I haven’t heard it yet, I wonder if it sounds as good as the Aprilia V4.

  2. Sorry Mark, but you are wrong on this one….

    Italians do make extremely beautiful bikes and the Japanese did not bring anything new, same as the Germans. They improved on performance and others but you need to understand that Ducati has been running V-Twins for decades now… for them this is not only and esthetical change, it is a technological change… a big one.
    Also, I admit that EICMA being in Italy will bring more votes for Italian brands but there were other official voting runs for the press and for others that generated close results.

    And the final thing… at least they are proud of their industry and support it. What did we do?

  3. I’ll make the 2018 Goldwing Tour Premium the best the new BMW K1600 American a close second.

    Even my old 1999 Honda ST1100 runs rings around all the other pictured bikes in the looks department.

  4. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. But I would say for me that anything with a fairing suxs….its a MOTORbike if you can’t see the motor, it just don’t cut it.
    With a fairing its just the wheels poking out. They may be ‘pretty’ but not ‘beautiful’

  5. Take a look at the Ducati supersport then at the MV Agusta F3 models .
    There can be no doubt Agusta has been copied by ducati in every respect except for the motor which lacks the counter rotating shaft of the MV .
    The most beautiful bike by far is the F3 series MV Agusta

  6. I agree with you Mark, the V4 does look a ‘little plump’. From your previous gender article I’d say if the Duc was female we’d be wondering if she’s pregnant. The Royal Enfield’s may not win the beauty contest but I’ve got a feeling they have nailed it for the sales contest. Should be great LAMS bikes with just enough oomph to encourage other riders. The cafe racer in black and gold looks really schmick.

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