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Nexx XR1R Diablo

Nexx XR1R Diablo First Look

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November 22, 2011 – Let’s say you finally decided to buy thatDucati Diavel (report) you’ve been lusting after.

Now there’s a big decision: what helmet to wear?

Answer: The Nexx XR1R Diablo, of course!

The Nexx XR1R Carbon (review) is one of the lightest full-face helmets on the planet and it has among the best outward visibility as a bonus.

How do you make it better? Cover it with leather!

Actually, it’s more than that. Nexx has developed a new patented system that reduces helmet noise. The leather-like covering on the XR1R Diablo is actually a multi-layered system with sound-reducing materials sandwiched in between. Nexx claims a 5 dB noise level reduction for helmets using this system.

Otherwise, the XR1R Diablo has all the goodness of the original Nexx XR1R Carbon…with a few added grams, of course.

Here’s an edited version of the Nexx press release for the XR1R Diablo. We hope to have one soon for a review.

Nexx XR1R Diablo Top Vents Close-up

The Nexx XR1R Diablo

Building on the successful XR1.R line, the new XR1.R Diablo is the first full-face helmet totally covered with optic leather and one of the most advanced and unique integral motorcycle helmets, combining outstanding craftsmanship with premium technology and acoustic wind-tunnel testing.

The patented design of this helmet adds a new cover to the outer-shell composed by a special foam and optic leather developed to minimize the influence of a riding wind; reductions of 5 dB in A-weighted levels achieved in the noise generated by the airflow over a motorcycle.

Along the noise reduction, this new cover presents a higher thermal capacity making the helmet pleasantly warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. The outer-shell in Carbon fiber, offers maximum strength, ultra lightness (only 1250 grams) while guarantying the highest safety standards and low fatigue in long-distance riding.

Optically advanced, the XR1.R Diablo offers an ultimate outward vision field (225° horizontal view and 72° vertical view, well above the standard values of 210° and 52°).

The PC Lexan Shield from General Electric is anti-scratch and fits an easy locking system and a Pinlock anti-fog insert (review) is included with the helmet — it’s the biggest Pinlock ever made, to fit the large XR1R face shield!

Along with a helmet shell that is made in three different sizes, an exclusive internal fitting system is used in the XR1.R Diablo with the Ergo Padding System, a foam replacement kit that allows the rider to personalize the helmet according his or her head shape.

The interior lining and cheek pads incorporate added performance CoolMax fabrics that keep the interior cool, dry and comfortable while are totally removable, washable and anti-allergenic. The cheek pads an adjustable protection on the ears (ANS – Anti Noise System).

The Air Dynamic System ADS with two sharp designed inlets and four outlets air-vents integrated with the shell provide ideal ventilation controlling temperature and humidity for comfortable riding in any type of weather.

The new Nexx Helmets logo is an elegant piece, made with laser-cut leather over carbon fiber. Once again the care for details that can also be enjoyed in the elegant Diablo helmet bag that comes included with the helmet.

Nexx XR1R Diablo Helmet Design
Nexx XR1R helmet covering system explained.

Nexx XR1R Diablo Helmet Features

  • Carbon fiber shell.
  • Patented cover design (Noise and Thermal Isolation Technology).
  • Ultra light weight (approx. 1250 g).
  • Ultimate outward visibility.
  • Ergo padding system allows a perfect fit of the helmet in different head shapes.
  • Removable breath guard.
  • Anti-noise cheek pads.
  • Chin wind guard.
  • Pinlock anti-fog insert included.
  • CoolMax fabric helmet liner is anti-sweat and anti-allergic; removable and washable.
  • Night Vision reflectors on the front, sides and rear provide extra visibility and higher safety when night riding.
  • Special optic leather helmet bag.
  • PC Lexan shield, anti-scratch and with easy locking system.
  • Ventilation includes two inlets and four outlets (Air Dynamic System).
  • Meets ECE 22.05, DOT and NBR-7471:2001 standards.
  • Shell is available in 3 different sizes in head sizes from XXS to XXXL.
  • Double D-Ring fastening strap.
  • UV resistant clear coat.
  • Visor Ventilation System on the XR1.R face shield has the World’s biggest Pinlock insert!

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Nexx XR1R Diablo Carbon
Nexx XR1R Diablo Rear View
Nexx XR1R Diablo Side Close-up
Nexx XR1R Diablo Stitching
Nexx XR1R Diablo Top Vents

Publication Date:  November 22, 2011

More: 2012 Nexx Helmets Overview

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