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Nexx Helmets

2012 Nexx Helmets

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Review Summary

Highlights of This Report:

  • New Nexx Helmets announced.
  • Nexx X40 and XR1R Diablo.
  • Many new colors and bold graphics.


2012 Nexx X70

The big news from Nexx was the 2012 Nexx X40 (First Look) and the 2012 Nexx XR1R Diablo (First Look), both of which are newsworthy enough to deserve separate articles, so be sure to check ’em out.

In addition, Nexx has also announced the Nexx X70, an open-face retro styled helmet, seen in the photos below. The level of quality for the paint and detailing was superb on the samples at the 2011 EICMA show and this helmet type is becoming more popular in both the U.S.A. and Europe.

The internal sun visor on the Nexx X70 can be used as the face shield or it rotates up out of the way behind the clear face shield, which is a simple and elegant solution that also saves weight.

Here’s an edited version of the press release concerning the Nexx X70:

The Retro Style X70, the new open-face model from Nexx Helmets brings the retro appeal of 1970’s helmets to modern technology, creating a mélange of past, present and future elements.

The new helmet line compromises two different models; the open faced X70 “Core” helmet and the “bubble” shield X70  “Groovy”.

All Nexx X70 helmets are manufactured in Europe from Tri-Composite (Carbon, Kevlar and Fiberglass), a technology that guarantees maximum strength and ultra lightness.

The comfortable inner lining incorporates detailed craftsmanship with added performance CoolMax fabrics that keep the interior cool and dry, preventing overheating. Another very special feature of the X70 is the integrated sun visor, operated by an ergonomic button mechanism, a detail not often found in this type of helmet.

Advances in the design are also introduced by a new technological process. The visor fixing screw has subtle branding and detailed machine work, nicely combined with the texture of the engraved/matte rubber. The chrome badge on the front and the Camel/Black details, made from nappa Alicante and premium stitching, reinforce the retro appeal.

Nexx X70 design is inspired by far-reaching influences such as Café Racer motorcycles, Raleigh Chopper bicycles, 1970’s arcade games and Stanley Kubrick’s film “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

The X70 “Groovy” visor has been shaped to a contour that offers both a futuristic retro design. A wide variety of color combinations is also available in both versions, combinations that will easily become a sought-after by motorcycle retro style/nostalgia fans.

Nexx X70 Specifications

  • Integrated sun visor with ergonomic button mechanism.
  • Bubble visor (only in X70 Groovy version).
  • CoolMax lining, anti-sweat and anti-allergic is fully removable and washable.
  • Micro-Metric chin strap buckle for easy handling.
  • Unbreakable General Electric Lexan face shield.
  • Two Shell Sizes and head sizes from XS to XXXL (54 cm – 66 cm).
  • Meets ECE 22.05 homologation and complies with DOT and NBR-7471:2001 standards.
  • Weight is approx. 1200 g +/- 50 g (estimated).
  • X70 Core Version Tri-Composite (Advanced Thermo Resin) reduces the weight to an estimated 990 g +/- 50 g.

We hope to have one of the new X70 helmets and the revised Nexx X30 and more for upcoming reviews!

2012 Nexx Helmets

Nexx Helmet Colors
Lots of new colors in the 2012 Nexx Helmets lineup.
New Nexx X70 has beautiful detailing and the new Nexx logo.
Nexx X70 Details
Close-up of the detailing on the new Nexx X70.
Nexx X70 Side View
Nexx X70 in a display case. Note pull-down internal sun shade that rotates up with the face shield down.
The Nexx X70 helmet liner.
Nexx X30 Face Shield
Revised visor and face shield system on the Nexx X30 separates the two functions.
Nexx X30 Orange
Bright high-visibility orange in the Nexx X30. Note the much larger, revised face shield and separate movements.
Nexx X30 Silver
A lower-priced version of the Nexx X30 was also introduced. It has minimal venting but a clean look.
Nexx X30-V
Nexx X30 helmet liner.
Nexx XR1R
New graphics on the Nexx XR1R Carbon.
Nexx XR1R Colors
More high-vis colors for the Nexx XR1R and X30 helmets.

Publication Date: November 22, 2011

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