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New BMW Headlight Tech Is Seeing Into the Future

More Car Safety Tech Makes Its Way To Motorcycles

If you’ve driven a newer luxury car in the after the sun has set you may have noticed headlights that turn with the car to highlight potential obstacles on a curve. With so much new tech coming to motorcycles, it’s easy to beg the question, “Why doesn’t my motorcycle have this feature?”.

The new Ducati Multistrada has taken the monumental leap to feature front/rear radar sensors to notify riders of incoming dangers, BMW naturally had to 1-up their luxury motorcycle competitors with some new tech of their own.

Those aforementioned headlights that turn with the curvature of the road? BMW added them as an option for their new 2021 GS and R1250RT

The tech allows for a bike lean angle of up to 35° to steer your headlight into the corner while maintaining perfect projection to the horizon. The new headlight assembly uses the same lamp as the non-swivel version but includes this new tech for added safety when riding at night.

The new headlights not only have horizontal movement but also include a third axis of movement for a few degrees of up/down movement. Ever slam your breaks and have your nose dip into the pavement as a result of the front forks being loaded to maximum potential? These new headlights will keep your beam perfectly level so you never lose track of where you’re going.

BMW ADV bikes aren’t cheap; these headlights aren’t either. If you’re looking to add these to your R 1250GS expect to shell out around $760 USD, but the option is only possible if you already have the Dynamic Package. If you don’t have that option package already, expect a $2700 bill all-in.