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New Bill Filed To Protect Filipino Motorists

Filipino Motorists

As riders, I’m sure we can all attest to the fact that motorcycles aren’t for everybody.

It could be the loud rumble of an inline-four, the younger squidlings on their Suzuki GSX-R600s squirting around town making short work of statistics, or the general aesthetic of motorcycle culture.

Whichever the reason, uneasiness can turn into downright dislike – and dislike can be dangerous.

According to a report from MotoPinas, a Filipino senator and boxer by the name of Manny Paquiao has just filed a bill that will protect 17,000,000 motorists across the country from discrimination in the Philippines.

SB 2263, a new bill filed for the Philippines that protects motorists' rights


The bill, also known as SB 2263, or “the Motorcycle Rights and Safety Act of 2021”, was created to increase awareness of the unfairness motorcycle riders have to tolerate – specifically, regulations surrounding buying, owning, and riding a motorcycle, as well as regulations of the trades and towns supporting the rider.

The unhealthy prejudice against motorcycle riding has made Filipino moto laws brutal for years now, with riders having to deal with motorcycle-only checkpoints, bans on expressways for bikes under 400cc, and a questionable ‘doble plaka’ law, which puts a motorist in danger of a jail sentence if the bike is missing a license plate. 

SB 2263, a new bill filed for the Philippines that protects motorists' rights

This combined with aftermarket monopolies, small-town restrictions that forbid motorists from wearing helmets in certain areas, and companies’ misuse of power to create subjective interpretations for bikers have created a need for equality, respect, and safety on the road. 

A man by the name of Jobert Bolanos, with ties to the Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO), has disclosed that it took 13 years for SB 2263 to become a reality, for a lawmaker to step up and sponsor the bill.

SB 2263, a new bill filed for the Philippines that protects motorists' rights

With rights being a larger priority on the docket, Bolanos has high hopes for the country. He says, “There will be no more subjective apprehensions, no more violation of our property rights, no more harassment for stupid ordinances, local enforcement will be properly trained and screened by the LTO on traffic rules and regulations, legal and legitimate aftermarket parts will no longer get us wrongfully apprehended, motorcycle taxies will be legalized, proper rider’s training shall be provided, an objective and proper noise regulation shall be implemented, the right safety requirements shall be properly defined and enforced, and we shall be recognized as who we truly are, AN INTEGRAL PART OF SOCIETY…”

Fingers crossed that the bill is passed, and motorists can experience consistent laws and regulations across the Philippines.

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