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Mugen’s E.Rex Electric Dirt Bike Is Pretty Similar to Honda’s CR Electric

Mugen E.Rex
Images from Mugen

Similar But Not the Same

Mugen revealed an updated version of its E.Rex electric dirtbike at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. We reported on the electric superbike Mugen showed off there. We thought it’d be best to highlight the E.Rex, too. The E.Rex appears to share much of its powertrain with the Honda CR Electric that debuted at the same show. Seeing as how Mugen and Honda are closely tied together this isn’t very shocking.

The Mugen bike may have similar bones to the Honda, but the styling and aerodynamic elements are different than Big Red’s bike. As MoreBikes points out, the Mugen E.Rex takes cues from the Shinden Hachi electric superbike whereas Honda turns to its CRF line.

Mugen E.Rex

Unfortunately, Mugen didn’t release technical specs for the bike, so all I have to go off of are the images floating around the web. The bike gets some knobby Dunlop tires, Showa front suspension, and the same style twin-spar aluminum frame as Honda’s machine.

Mugen is known for its Shinden superbike, among other things, so it will be interesting to see if the E.Rex ends up racing. I wouldn’t put it past the team to enter it into some hardcore off-road races down the line to show just how impressive this machine is.

I’ll keep an eye out for technical specifications in the future. I’d be interested to know the power figures for the E.Rex’s powertrain. It looks different than the previous prototype, and that could mean Mugen has made some leaps forward with the technology.