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Honda Reveals Electric Dirt Bike Prototype

Honda CR electric prototype
Images from Moto-Station

Could This Change Everything?

Honda is a dominant force in the motorcycle world. It’s changed the course of the industry in the past, and now I wonder if they’re about to do it again. Meet the Honda CR Electric prototype. The publication Moto-Station recently shared some images of the bike at a Honda presentation at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

While there aren’t many details to speak of at all at this point in the game, Honda stated it’s a 250cc equivalent. The bike looks a lot like its gas-powered counterparts. It utilizes an aluminum twin-spar frame design. To that, Honda added Showa suspension and some Dunlop tires that are properly knobby for a dirtbike.

In addition to the images included above and below. There’s also this short video. Unfortunately, most of it is of the sheet that’s covering the bike, but it does give you an additional view of the motorcycle.

As Asphalt and Rubber notes, the company has more or less built its reputation on the back of the four-stroke engine, so for it to make the electric transition, even in a prototype like this, is a big move. The bike might not be designed for the masses, but you can bet Honda has its sights set high. 

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the equivalent of the Honda Super Cub but for electric motorcycles come from Honda at some point down the road. At this point, the company appears to be experimenting with off-road bikes, and that’s smart. The instant torque and twist-to-go simplicity of an electric motorcycle could serve riders well.

Honda CR electric prototype