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Muc-Off’s New Anti-Corrosion Spray Keeps Your Bike Safe And Clean


Have you ever bought a new pair of shoes and the clerk checking you out tries to upsell you on some special spray that makes your shoes water/dirt-resistant? What if I told you that Muc-Off has something similar for your motorcycle? Although dirt can be annoying to get on your shoes, what is even more annoying is rust on your motorcycle. That’s right, Muc-Off’s new HCB-1 (The Ultimate Anti-Corrosion Barrier) is being marketed with the angle of saving your motorcycle from rust and corrosion while keeping it easy to clean in the meantime.

‘HCB’ stands for ‘Harsh Conditions Barrier’. This special spray is supposed to be applied to the exposed metal of your motorcycle and provides a thin (and not slippery) film that will create a protective barrier between the metal and other outside elements that can cause harm over time to your motorcycle.

Although that crap that is supposed to be sprayed on your shoes usually wears off after one or two times in the rain, the hard-working people over at Muc-Off promise that the protective layer from HCB-1 is supposed to last as long as 12 months between applications.

Ever had to scrub dead bugs off of your headlight after a wicked fast all-day cannonball run down the highways? I think I still have bug residue fused to my headlight after my first season of riding that I still haven’t managed to scrape off without damaging the bike. One spray of HCB-1 apparently would have solved that issue.

The spray is safe on all paint and plastics (phew) and can be purchased online at Muc-Off’s website or official authorized retailers in your area.