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Mr. Regular Rides a 1983 Honda CBX650 Turbo

honda CBX650 turbo

“Ever drink espresso while getting high at an Ikea?” – Mr. Regular

Mr. Regular, for those who don’t know, is a bit of an eccentric. His reviews are often laced with dirty language, jokes about male members, and fart noises, but they’re also in-depth, interesting, literary, and at times downright touching. He recently had the chance to ride a 1983 Honda CBX650 Turbo, and the video is too good not to share. 

The video talks a lot about the lobbying stunt Harley pulled during the Regan administration that limited the abilities of foreign motorcycle manufacturers to make bikes over 700cc. He uses that to explain how Honda decided to make the CBX650 Turbo, which is a bit of an oddball, and according to Mr. Regular a slap in the face to Harley.

He also discusses the dangers of a turbocharged bike and why there aren’t more of them. Well, I would say that turbocharged motorcycles are probably going to be making a comeback due to emissions standards, but they won’t be the jerk you off your seat kind of turbos like the bikes from the 1980s. They’ll be tuned differently, but they could still be a bit dangerous due to turbo lag like Mr. Regular discusses in the video.

Anyway, I found this highly entertaining and educational. I hope you do too. And if you can get your hands on Honda CBX650 Turbo for not too much money, I’d suggest you do so. These things are probably only going to go up in value.