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Mr. Moto Cleargoo Chain Lube Review

Mr. Moto's Excellent Chain Lube

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Review Summary

The manufacturer claims that it “Cleans as it works. Clings to surfaces. O-ring safe. Increases resistance to wear and pressure. Allows for easy visual inspection. Penetrates.”

Claimed features include: “Cleans brake dust, chain lube and ‘road soil’. Can leave on longer for more cleaning power.”

[UPDATE: As of April 2007, it appears that Mr. Moto is no longer in business.

If anyone has information regarding this, please contact us at ).

VP Racing Fuels has notified us that they still have some Mr. Moto products in stock.]

Our Comments

It’s really hard to tell if there’s any performance difference in motorcycle chain lubes. About the only thing we have to go on are the manufacturer’s claims.

If the chain lube ends up all over the motorcycle’s swingarm or paint, chances are the owner will be looking for another brand.

Mr. Moto Cleargoo is certainly is a different type of chain lube.

It comes out of the can in a strong blast, foams up and then gets very sticky and gummy as it quickly dries, which is probably a good thing for the chain, as long as you let it dry before riding.

Mr. Moto Chain & Cable Lube seems to work well. We like the fact that it’s clear and if it doesn’t end up on the swingarm, at least it’s not noticeable!

wBW Review: Mr. Moto Cleargoo Chain Lube
AAvailable From: Mr. Moto Products List Price (2005): $9.14
Size: Aerosol spray, 14 oz. (148 ml) Made In: U.S.A.
Review Date: April 2005
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