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Mountain speed and road works update

Mt Glorious road works

Speed limits will return to normal when the road works on the western side of Mt Glorious behind Brisbane are completed late in August 2017.

Despite speed limits being reduced by 10km/h in most areas of the mountain and concerns that speeds would be further reduced after completion of the work, the Transport and Main Roads Department has quashed those concerns.

“Following the completion of these works the speed limit will be reinstated to 80km/h,” a TMR spokesman told us.Mt Glorious road works

The concern was sparked because the TMR has consistently attributed motorcycle crashes to a rider’s approach speed, or misjudgement on corners.

Oxley Highway speed zones review

It has also been sparked by the nationwide trend to reduce speed zones over the past few years on many other roads popular with motorcycles.

However, moves to radically reduce speed limits on the Oxley Highway in NSW have met with strong local resident and rider resistance.

The protests sparked a review which has been dragging on for almost a year. A Transport and Maritime Services spokesman now tells us the review of the limits is “in the final stages”.

“The aim of the review in collaboration with the NSW Centre for Road Safety is to reduce the incidence and severity of crashes on the highway,” their spokesman says.

“Roads and Maritime Services is considering a range of options to improve safety and the community will be kept informed about the outcomes and proposed changes to the speed limit.”

Read about Oxley Highway plans here.

Mt Glorious works improvements

An inspection of completed sections of the Northbrook Parkway on the western side of Mt Glorious shows a smooth and grippy surface with several layers of asphalt and coarse chip.

“Rehabilitation works are currently underway on 6.1km on Northbrook Parkway (Mt Glorious Road), which we expect to be completed by late August, weather permitting,” the TMR spokesman says.

These works involve removing the existing road surface, stabilisation works, resurfacing, linemarking and drainage works.
Mt Glorious road works

“These works are being delivered under the Queensland Government’s fast-tracked road safety and road network renewal works. These important works will provide an improved road surface for motorists,” the TMR spokesman says.

During the rehabilitation program, the road has been signed with warnings that they are not suitable for motorcycles. However, many riders have braved the conditions.

Speed petition

Meanwhile, a petition to review the speed limits on the famed motorcycle road has failed for the lack of a Parliamentary sponsor.Riders on Mt Glorious road works

Having learnt his lesson from that petition, local rider David White has launched a new petition to axe tolls for motorcycles and free up footpath parking.

You can read more about his petition and sign up here.

The laws have now changed and Parliamentary sponsorship is no longer required for e-petitions on the government’s website.

If it gathers more than 10,000 signatures, it must be debated in Parliament.