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Motus MST

Motus MST “American V4 Sport Tour”

UPDATE: Motus Announces MST Pricing

March 16, 2012 – The Birmingham (Alabama) news is reporting this morning (here) that the pricing for the Motus MST has been announced.

A dealer network is currently planned for the motorcycles.

The list prices will be announced at the 2012 Daytona Bike Week in Daytona, Florida.

The Motus MST has a base price of $30,975, while the MST-R will start at $36,975. The motorcycles will be produced in Birmingham starting this fall and will be considered 2013 models.

Motus Motorcycles has been promoting their “American V4 Sport Tour” in the northeast U.S. from October 8-15, 2011.

2013 Motus MST Pricing

2013 Motus MST list price is $30,975. Colors: Speed silver metallic or flame red metallic. Engine: V-4 Baby Block, 1650cc liquid cooled, 165 horsepower, six-speed, dual overdrive, electronic fuel injection. Tires and wheels: Aluminum wheels with wave rotors and Michelin tires. Options: Adjustable handlebars, heated seat, heated grips.

2013 Motus MST-R base price: $36,975. Colors: Strong white or carbon black. Engine: V-4R Baby Block, 1650cc liquid cooled, 185 horsepower, six-speed, dual overdrive, electronic fuel injection. Tires and wheels: Forged OZ aluminum wheels with wave rotors and Michelin tires. Options: Heated seat, heated grips, rear storage rack, premium low seat, touring windscreen.

One of the planned stops was at Battley Cycles in Gaithersburg, Maryland at the rather odd time of 4 to 8 p.m. on a Friday evening.

Anyone who knows the metropolitan D.C. area also knows that Friday rush hour(s) is not the time to be out on the road, but that’s neither here nor there…

We made it down to Battley’s to find a small but interested crowd hovering over the Motus MST prototype and a nicely finished, near-production-ready silver MST, complete with Givi-designed luggage and top box.

The lighting wasn’t optimal inside the Battley showroom, and two of the ceiling lights just above the bikes were out, but we took some photos and a quick video (below) for your enjoyment.

The Motus MST is a good-looking sport-tourer but certainly not radical in design — probably a good thing when you’re starting a completely new line of motorcycles.

The Motus V4 engine is definitely the main focal point of the MST and it looks nice and it’s definitely different. Chris and I noticed that it does seem rather tall though.

I wondered out loud how a company could make money trying to launch a brand-new motorcycle in the small sport-touring segment in 2011. But reading the Motus literature I noticed some vague hints about the possibility of using the engine for a car, boat and other uses, along with the possibility of smaller or bigger displacements.

So who knows where this might lead? I wish them luck for sure and it would be great to see a successful new American motorcycle. A limited number of Motus MST motorcycles are expected in the Spring of 2012.

More information about the Motus MST, the V4 engine and its development can be found in this edited version of the Motus MST Press Release published on webBikeWorld in March of this year or visit the Motus Motorcycles website.

Here are some photos from last night and the video below. Enjoy!

Motus MST Left Side Luggage

Motus MST Engine

Motus MST Engine Right Side

Motus MST Front and Rear Views

Motus MST Front Wheel

Motus MST Handlebars

Motus MST Luggage

Motus MST Prototype

Motus MST Rear Brake

Motus MST Seat

More information about the Motus MST can be found
in this wBW
 Motus MST Press Release and Photos.

Motus MST V4 Engine

wBW Video: Motus MST

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