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Motorcyclist Bids For RACV Board

John Mulder

The Royal Automobile Club of Victoria has long been criticised for being anti-motorcyclist, but now one rider is hoping to change all that by nominating for the RACV board.

John Mulder is a member of both the Classic Motorcycle Club of Victoria and the Australian Street Rod Federation which entitles him to describe himself as a “genuine motoring enthusiast”.

“I’m a strong believer in the principle that the needs of all transport users in our community should be given equal value and the needs of one particular group should not be promoted at the expense of another,” he says.

John’s appointment to the RACV board would not only bring an active motorcyclist’s perspective to the table but also the experience of a company director with a long list of senior executive and non-executive director appointments to his name.

If John is successful in his bid to join the RACV board he would be ideally placed to represent the interests of all Victorian motorcyclists during future policy development discussions.

John and his wife Annie are both part of the Victorian motorcycling community, and living in Torquay at the start of the Great Ocean Road why wouldn’t they be!

His ride of choice these days is a 1977 Harley he brought in from the US 10 years ago and has lovingly restored.

automobile clubs
The ACV’s first run from Melbourne to Mordialloc on December 6, 1903.

John says he is happy to speak with anyone from the motorcycling community who has a view on the future of our passion.

“The key matters raised with me to date include the lack of transparency surrounding the Victorian motorcyclist safety levy, the lack of consideration given to motorcyclists in road construction and road maintenance activities, and the cost of registration in Victoria given the modest impact that motorcycles have on our road surfaces compared with other vehicles,” he says.

“When speaking with fellow riders I get the distinct impression that many believe that over recent times our needs have most definitely been compromised by Government policy that is focused more on the needs of drivers, cyclists and public transport users.

“Motorcyclists find this trend difficult to understand when several reputable research studies have confirmed the benefits of promoting motorcycling within our communities.

“The positive impacts on traffic congestion, pollution, and parking in built-up areas are obvious for all to see,” he says.

Voting is now open and if you are an RACV member check your inbox for an email from CorpVote or your mobile for a text message.

If you have received neither contact CorpVote on 1300 147 797.

The majority of RACV members haven’t chosen to vote in previous elections but if you want your interests represented on such a significant Victorian motoring body, exercise your right and help put John Mulder on the board.  Voting closes on 30 September 2020.

You can view John’s candidate statement at

Contact:  John Mulder


Ph. 0419 890471