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Motorcycles omitted from future report

E-transport report motorcycle omitted

Traditional and electric motorcycles have been omitted from a major academic report that claims to be a blueprint for future transport in Australia.

The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering report, “Shifting Gears – Preparing for a Transport Revolution“, calls for the next Federal Government to provide incentives for electric and low-emissions vehicles.

However, there is not one mention of motorcycles or scooters, either electric or traditional.

We contacted the Academy to ask whether they had factored in electric and traditional motorcycles and scooters as well as e-bikes for their impact on future mobility?

“Good question,” they replied.

But no, they didn’t.

Omitted from future

The Last Motorcycle on Earth! panic omitted
Scene from the fictional film The Last Motorcycle on Earth!

This glaring omission neglects the virtues of two-wheeled mobility and its advantages for traffic flow and relieving the strain on parking and other infrastructure.

It also demonstrates how little regard authorities have for motorcycles and scooters and the coming tsunami of electric two-wheelers.

The omission may also be a portent for the possible future of motorcycles and scooters – nil!

In 2017, a group of American motorcycle industry luminaries, aptly called “Give a Shift”, released a report on the future of motorcycling saying bikes are in danger of being killed off by autonomous vehicles.

As governments and safety nannies place their hopes in these autonomous vehicles, we wonder whether “dangerous” motorcycles will simply be banned as in the fictional film “The Last Motorcycle on Earth“.

Period of change

Academy spokesperson Kathryn Fagg says the rapid advance of technology was leading to “an extraordinary period of change”.

“With Australia’s geographic isolation and long distances between urban centres, the transport sector will be both significantly disrupted and revolutionised by this technological transformation,” she says. 

“Failure to be prepared will risk a decline in many aspects of our Australian way of life and society, including increased congestion and vehicle-related emissions, a deterioration in health, safety and security, and a negative impact on the cost of living, productivity and the ease of mobility.” 

And maybe the loss of our favourite pastime and form of transport!

  1. We really need somebody to set up an online petition and signatures submitted to the committee. This is a ridiculous oversight

  2. You just have to look at any SE Asian city to see that motor bikes and scooters are part of the solution to traffic congestion.

  3. Typical of any contracted review into traffic! Report is worthless unless it takes into account all forms of transport and road users. Are they going to amend the report or add an addendum to qualify their omission?? Chances are not good!!
    Unfortunately, motorcycles and scooters were probably not included in the Federal Govt specifications for inclusion in the report! Govt. has absolutely no idea whats actually going on in the real world!!
    Everyone should write to the Hon. Michael McKenzie, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development as well as the Hon. Anthony Albanese, .Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development!!

  4. Nah, there will always be motorised two-wheelers – .they’re too much fun! Just sounds like an oversight by the report authors. However I reckon motorcycling as we know it is about to change dramatically as the electric bike revolution relegates existing moto culture to the annals of history. Brightly-clad riders on high-tech, “silent” bikes will become the norm as the loud pipe, black-leather crowd gradually fades away.

  5. Once upon a time everyone drove horse and carriage, everything has an end, whether we like it or not.

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