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Motorcycle Tire Metal Valve Caps

Motorcycle Tire Metal Valve Caps

Check this out — real metal valve caps!  Just like they used to make in the days of the Meriden Triumphs!

These are nice replacements for those cheesy plastic ones they give you when you buy a new tire/tube/valve stem nowadays.

These even have a little rubber gasket inside to keep the air from leaking!

They only weigh 2 grams each.  And you can’t beat the price: $1.40 for 4 at Do It Yourself.

I ordered a few bucks worth of stuff, and this seems like a great place to do business — they sent me an email confirmation, tracking number, and I had the whole package in a couple of days.  Sweet!  Check out item # 6177042  Metal Domed Tire Valve Caps. 

NOTE: Since this was written, it appears that they no longer carry these, unfortunately.

But check out item #6059083, chrome metal hex valve caps made in the U.S.A.  Wal-Mart carries some metal valve caps also, but not the same quality as these — too bad!

Need to fill up your cart to offset the shipping price? Shipping will cost you the same for all of these items, so you may as well go big time!

Metric Screw Pitch Gauge

How about a metric screw pitch gauge (top, photo left)?  Only $6.05.  I used to own one of these when I worked as a journeyman Machinist.

Since metric threads are measured by outside thread diameter and pitch, it’s really handy to have one of these around to tell what the pitch of the threads are.

This one measures from 0.45 to 2.50 thread pitch.  It’s made in Germany for Vermont American (huh?).  Their item # 6711584.

Still not enough?  How about a “Nut ID Gauge SAE Metric” (bottom photo) for $3.01?.

This identifies nut sizes from #6 to 1″ in inches and metric measurements. Measures a thread size, threads per inch, and length of bolt. Their item # 6783310.  Note: they no longer seem to carry this product also….

Adding these two items doesn’t change the cost of the shipping.  Have fun!

Where to Buy Motorcycle Tire Metal Valve Caps

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From “K.S.” (12/08):  “I really like your website. I’ve been able to use the information you’ve provided to help me make better decisions about bike gear.

Anyway, I was reading your article about Motorcycle Tire Metal Valve Caps.  The writer mentions that the supplier doesn’t carry these caps anymore.

But Aerostich carries these NoLoss Valve Caps (#4602.  I’ve bought a pack (4 in a pack; I think they’re really set up for Jeep off-roadin’) and put a set on both my 2001 Wing and my 1972 CB500/4.  I really like not having to chase the little black plastic thingamabobs around the garage floor any more when I’m checking tire pressures…”

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