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Motorcycle Safety Information

Motorcycle Safety Information

Motorcycle Training in the U.S. and U.K.: Visit the wBW Motorcycle Riding Schools, Training and Track Days page for information on Motorcycle Riding Schools, Racing Schools, Training, Track Days and Riding Skills

Motorcycle Safety U.S.:  Snell Memorial Foundation – Helmet info; helmet FAQ’s; search for approved helmets; how to purchase and fit helmets  |  National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators – website includes the state survey report which characterizes member states’ motorcycle safety programs  |  Motorcycle Tips and Techniques – motorcycle safety articles and links  |  What are you supposed to do at the scene of a motorcycle accident? Click here to find out | Motorcycle safety and survival tips from a Google search  |  From Woman Motorist – motorcycle safety  |  NHTSA’sMotorcycle Safety home page with useful info on helmets, rider training, alcohol impairment, motorist awareness and research  |  Every state motorcycle law available on this website

Motorcycle Safety International:  Want to pass your bike (or car) theory test in the U.K.? A CD-ROM based training course is available here  |  Website of the New Zealand Motorcycle Safety Consultants – sign up for a free email newsletter of motorcycle safety tips; take a “do it yourself” (DIY) motorcycle safety training course via email!  |  From Victoria in Australia, the Motorcycle Safety Page has information about rider training; tips for returning riders and articles on motorcycle protective clothing  |  Motorcycle training at Donington Park  |  Wize Rider motorcycle and scooter training from new to experienced   |  More U.K. motorcycle and scooter training websites in this listing

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Instructors: Looking for a decent, inexpensive stopwatch? Try Try the Robic 100, only $7.00, including shipping.  Very fast service and a great place to do business. (wBW has no financial interest in this vendor)  |  “Each Rider a Mentor” available from the Air Force

Advanced Motorcycle Safety Courses: Learn advanced riding and street skills, or take a motorcycle racing or dirt track riding course to learn even more!  Find out more on the wBW Motorcycle Riding Schools, Training and Track Days page.

New – Beginning Motorcyclists – Motorcycle Riders: Visit the AMA’s New Rider page for more information  |  The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is an absolute must for any rider.  If you’re a new rider, or thinking about becoming one, take the beginner’s rider course — DO IT!! You won’t regret it; you’ll have tons o’ fun; and you’ll be a much more confident rider. They give you the bike and helmet, for Pete’s sake!  All you have to do is bring the gloves, long pants and shirt and over-the-ankle shoes.  The experienced rider course should be taken once every 2 years.  Highest webBikeWorld recommendations! The best money you will ever spend in all motorcycledom. Also check out the MSF Dirt Bike School

U.S. DOT: U.S. Dept. of Transportation, National Highway Safety Traffic Administration’s Motorcycle Safety home page  |  AMA’s Ride Straighta national campaign to educate motorcyclists about the dangers of drinking and riding

Riding Fast: Here are a few tips from Reg Pridmore on riding fast; note that fast doesn’t necessarily mean unsafe!  |  Books about motorcycle riding skills and techniques on the wBW Motorcycle Books Page

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