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Are motorcycle riders greenies?


It is difficult to think of motorcycle riders as greenies (environmentalists) when many have grease under their fingernails and high-octane fuel vapour in their nostrils. However, that’s what the American Motorcyclist Association thinks and they are probably right.

While cyclists continue to claim the high moral ground on environmentalism, it can often be a sham. I’ve seen them rock up for a morning ride with their carbon fibre $12,000 bicycle clamped on the roof racks of their fuel-guzzling 4WD! Greenies? Yeah right.

Meanwhile, motorcycle riders are true greenies, burning less fuel riding to work or going for a weekend ride through the country. We also appreciate the country more than most.

The last time you went for a ride, did you head out into the country or ride around the suburbs? Of course, you went out into the country! And what did you do? Did you snap photos of your bike with a house behind it or in some beautiful natural vista? Check out the pix on this page!greenies

We can also claim that our fuel-miserly bikes also chew up less of the world’s mineral resources to produce. Less than even the smallest city car and much less than any hybrid – supposedly green – car. And because motorcycles are lighter, they also do much less damage to our roads. True greenies, we motorcyclists!

If there were more motorcycles and fewer cars on the roads it would contribute to a less crowded road network, reduce air pollution and help alleviate inner-city parking problems.

But don’t take my word for it. This is what American Motorcyclist Association president and CEO Rob Dingman said this week to celebrate Earth Day: ”Motorcyclists are proud of their contributions to the health of the planet, whether through physical labor in maintaining trails or planting trees or simply commuting to work and leaving the gas-guzzler at home.greenies

“When you look at the big picture, it’s clear that motorcycling contributes to the social good. Motorcycle use improves the health of the planet by improving fuel economy, reducing pollution and congestion, and providing a fun outdoor activity for tens of thousands of people every day.”

So get out there this long weekend, you biker greenies, and do the earth some good.