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Honda E4-01 Concept Motorcycle

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Concealed beneath the E4-01’s sleek, rider-friendly form are a host of advanced technologies that give this automatic sports bike a high degree of both comfort and performance.

In keeping with the lofty ideal of the best manufacturing in the world, this machine embodies the four E’s: Elegance, Excitement, Enjoyment and Ease.

Everything about the E4-01 has been uniquely developed in accordance with these key words. Offering the performance of a super sport bike with the comfort of a tourer, this remarkable machine is a feast for the five senses.  The E4-01 meets the expectations even of riders who know everything there is to know about motorcycles.

Elegance – Fluid Styling That Is Both Elegant and Attractive

With its curvaceous styling and sleek lines, the E4-01 looks right at home parked in front of a luxury hotel.  The first motorcycle in the world (according to a Honda survey) to feature a high-performance, multi-dimensional shaft drive, together with a compact engine configuration, the result is space for the rider and quality of styling never before seen on two wheels.  Beneath the provocative lines is surprising functionality, with space for two helmets in the underseat storage compartment.

Excitement – Performance Rivaling That of Super Sport Machines

Designed like a sports bike and featuring centralized mass and a sporty chassis, the E4-01 is powered by a rigidly mounted 903cm3 inline engine and weighs less than 200kg, for nimble handling.  Rolling on 17-inch wheels and fitted with an inverted fork front suspension and the world’s first (according to a Honda survey) Unit Pro-Link rear suspension with Pro-Arm swingarm, the E4-01 delivers handling qualities rivaling that of supersport bikes.  It is easy to see that, just like a “wolf in sheep’s clothing,” the elegant styling of the E4-01 belies the incredible performance hidden within.

Enjoyment – Fully Equipped for Riding Pleasure

The world’s first motorcycle to feature a Dynamic Airscreen, the E4-01 features an opening in the front cowl directed to an outlet at the top of the screen.  This technology significantly reduces wind noise and wind blast while reducing rider fatigue, all without degrading visibility.  The step-through floor enhances operability in a wide range of riding situations and positions.

This design also offers the passenger excellent wind protection, which, combined with the Dynamic Airscreen, reduces feelings of fatigue.  Thus, the E4-01 offers new sensations in tandem riding comfort.

Easy – The Sports Automatic: Easy to Operate and Exciting to Ride.

Equipped with the newly developed “Sports Automatic” transmission, the E4-01 is easy to operate, while still delivering elegant yet exciting performance.  The automatic transmission of the E4-01 transmits engine power to the rear wheel smoothly and efficiently, making for exciting ride quality while greatly reducing fatigue during stop-and-go city riding.

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