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Motorcycle helmet

Adding a Couple More Years Helmet laws are a controversial topic in many states. Every state has its own law about motorcycle helmets, and it’s important to know and follow the law in your particular state. In Connecticut, a new helmet bill just passed the House of Representatives. It would make all riders 21 years …

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helmet press

You Might Be Surprised At the Results Crushing a motorcycle helmet with a hydraulic press isn’t the most scientific test of a helmet. That said, it does demonstrate the weak points of a helmet when that helmet is put under extreme amounts of pressure. The team over at the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube recently …

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Triumph badge on a tank

Let Triumph’s Electrified Future Begin Triumph recently announced a partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering, Integral Powertrain, and the University of Warwick. According to reports, the point of that partnership is to move the company forward on electrification projects. RideApart noted the company’s plan is quite ambitious. The result of the plan will be what the …

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Triumph 1000

Not Your Typical Bike for the Race I don’t cover many motorcycle competitions, but this story is too good not to share. Apparently, Ernie Vigil took fifth out of 13 contestants at the Mexican 1000 Rally on a Triumph Scrambler 1200. The Triumph Scrambler isn’t the first bike I or many others would have chosen. …

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Ducati Monster gas tank

The Start to Another Good Year Ducati is having a good 2019 so far. The Q1 sales results came in recently and they showed a five percent increase worldwide for the company, according to Asphalt & Rubber. That’s good news. The motorcycle company sold 12,541 motorcycles in the first quarter. That period of time last …

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Honda patent for drum brake motorcycle

A Super Affordable Model? Honda does some weird things sometimes. Lately, the company has had numerous patents for high-tech applications for motorcycles and gear, but now it seems the company is truly going back to basics. It just patented a design that has what looks like a small single cylinder engine and drum brakes.  First …

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Indian engine patent

That Liquid-Cooled Engine Could Get VVT Not too long ago, we reported on the news that Indian Motorcycle had a new liquid-cooled engine in the works. That engine was suspected to be the same one that appeared under the Victory name a few years before. Indian was going to use the design. That brought up …

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Triumph Rocket 3 GT

It Looks Pretty Awesome Triumph’s new Rocket 3 is the most powerful production motorcycle. The new Triumph Rocket 3 has a 2,458cc three-cylinder engine that makes 167 hp and 163 lb-ft of torque. The motorcycle is unlike many other machines on the road, and now a shot of the Rocket 3 GT has surfaced. Apparently, …

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Oregon lane split

Not Quite There Yet Lane splitting is a hot topic for many motorcyclists and state legislators right now. More states are considering laws based around the practice. Oregon is currently considering a bill that would legalize lane splitting on the state’s roads. However, Asphalt & Rubber notes that the bill, HB2314, is currently halted with …

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2019 Dakar Rally map

The First of the Races to be Held There We reported a while back that the legendary Dakar Rally will move to Saudi Arabia from its South American location, which it has enjoyed for over a decade. The decision is somewhat controversial due to the country’s standing in the world right now. However, it won …

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Nembo 32

No Upsidedown Bike Afterall In case you aren’t familiar with the Nembo 32, it’s a motorcycle with the engine flipped upside down. The creator says it’s better for weight distribution and allows the engine to be a structural part of the motorcycle, which helps reduce weight. It’s a wild idea. I reported on this weird …

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MV Agusta

A Limited-Time Offer Have you always wanted to own an MV Agusta motorcycle? Me too. That’s why I’m pretty pumped the company decided to offer 1.99 percent financing in the USA. Of course, I’m broke and you may not be, so head over to your MV Agusta dealer to take advantage of this killer offer. …

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