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2021 Honda CRF300L / CRF300L Rally

Swap It Like It’s Hot If you’ve been up to date with recent EV motorcycle news, you’d know that many of the world’s biggest OEM’s have come together to create a “Swappable Battery Consortium for Electric Motorcycles” to allow for easier access and better R&D when it comes to the batteries that will be powering …

Sargent Seat Upgrade

Take a Seat… What a REVolutionary name for an aftermarket motorcycle part… Jokes aside, swapping the seat out on your bike can be a super quick modification that can provide tons of new comfort to your ride. After I took my first 600-mile journey on my Yamaha FJ-09, the first thing I did was upgrade …


With Updated Aerodynamics! Back when Ruroc first started selling helmets in 2019, my Instagram feed was completely plagued with advertisements for these graphic-heavy helmets. At first, I thought it was just a cheap gimmick, but here we are two years later and Ruroc has managed to solidify themselves as a legitimate helmet manufacturer capable of …


Since the release of the new Ducati Multistrada V4, adventure-touring fans have been jumping for joy, but those celebrations are about to be cut short.  Ducati has found issues with the valve guides in the V4 Granturismo engines that can lead to excessive wear and inevitably losing power, then failing at the top end of …


Racing Quality At An Affordable Pricepoint Spanish helmet maker LS2 has a brand new helmet that they cooked up for the 2021 MotoGP season, and much like Shoei’s X14, you can buy this lid for your own riding on the road/track as well. The LS2 FF805 Thunder was fully designed and developed to be used …

Mutant DNA You probably saw the thumbnail image for this article before clicking and said to yourself, “what the hell is going on with the tread pattern on those tires?”. Well, Dunlop took their new tire to Bruce Banner’s lab and he shoved it in the microwave with the frog to mutate this tire into …

Is A New Category Of Motorcycle Emerging? Yamaha just pulled the sheets on the official naming for their upcoming “R7” – a two-cylinder sport-bike with up-right ergonomics and parts shared from the highly successful naked Mt-07… To make things short, just imagine it to be an MT-07 with fairings. Why did Yamaha do this? Well, …

H-D Pan america production line

The Pan American Dream Nears Completion After 120 years of V-twin cruiser excellence, Harley-Davidson has finally changed the course of their ship and stepped into the unknown with the introduction of their new 2021 Pan America ADV motorcycle. Although H-D has made a few non-cruiser projects (namely the Livewire) in recent years, it’s even a …


The Fully British Project Is Nearing The Half-Way Point News about Triumph’s TE-1 electric motorcycle has been circulating since early 2019 when they initially announced the big undertaking. However, since then, things have been relatively quiet regarding the project until recently. The British motorcycle manufacturer has been easing their way closer to their project completion …

Another Season, Another Modular Helmet For those of us who have been frozen into our houses through the entirety of winter, it’s finally time for spring to make it’s way back into our lives; and with that, bring a season full of excellent motorcycle riding. During this grey-zone between the end of winter and the …

Zero’s EV R&D Brings All The Boys To The Yard “I could teach you, but I’d have to charge”. Zero is on a roll with the sheer volume of collaboration efforts they have involved themselves in as of late. I guess that when you have the best EV bike on the market, other OEM’s will …

Rossi AGV Special Helmet

A Special Helmet For A Special Riders Special Eta AGV has always had some awesome (and special) Valentino Rossi helmet liveries available to choose from when buying a new lid. The madman has been associated with the brand for as long as I can remember. Like all things Italian go, it only makes sense for …



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