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BMW R1200R “Touring Special”

BMW R 1200 R mit Austattungspaket "Touring Spezial" BMW R 1200 R with "Touring package"

2011 BMW R1200R “Touring Special” Announced

2011 BMW Motorcycle Information:

November 23, 2010 – BMW announced today the availability of a “Touring Special” accessory package for the newly revised BMR R1200R.

Following is an edited version of the press release and more photos.

The BMW R1200R represents a tradition in motorcycle roadster construction that stretches back over decades to the very first BMW motorcycles.

With a spirited output of 109 HP (80 kW), the the classic flat twin “Boxer” series offers a virtually perfect synthesis of riding dynamics, agility and classic motorcycle design.

Now BMW is going further still with the attractive “Touring Special” package, which enhances the strong all-round qualities of the R1200R.

The Touring Special package adds comfort, along with travel and touring suitability as well as providing a visual upgrade to the bike.Fitted with this package, the R1200R not only gets an on-board computer but also heated grips and a center stand.

The package also includes a new comfort seat, which is exclusively available as part of the Touring Special version of the R1200R. As in the standard version, the seat height is 800 millimeters but with an inner leg length of 1840 mm (standard version: 1800 mm), thus providing an ergonomic triangle designed for even greater comfort.

The specific ergonomic needs of tall riders are also addressed by the optionally available high comfort seat with height of 830 mm and an inner leg length of 1860 mm.

The Sport windshield ensures perceptible relief for the upper body and further enhanced ride comfort, especially over longer stretches. This special version of the R 1200 R has two 32-litre common locking panniers and a luggage rack.

The Touring Special package can also be combined with all the standard paint finishes of the R1200R. A special touch is also added by the chrome exhaust system and the LED direction indicators.

Further options for individualization are provided by the extensive BMW program of special equipment and special accessories.

The price of the Touring Special package for the R1200R is €670. If the items included in the package were purchased separately, they would cost a total of €1,625, so this is a bargain.

Here’s a summary of the main features included in the new R1200R  Touring Special package:

  • New comfort seat (seat height 800 mm, inner leg length 1840 mm) or high comfort seat (seat height 830 mm, inner leg length 1860 mm).
  • On-board computer.
  • Heated grips.
  • Center stand.
  • LED directional indicators.
  • Chrome exhaust system.
  • Sport windshield.
  • Large pannier fastenings, including luggage rack and pillion passenger grab handles.
  • Locking panniers with single key.
  • Electronic spring strut adjustment ESA on request.
  • New BMW Motorrad Integral ABS (optional extra).
  •  Automatic Stability Control ASC (only in conjunction with Integral ABS; optional extra).

BMW R1200R Touring Special - Left Side

BMW R1200R Touring Special Package - Right Side

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