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Motorcycle Modifications You Might Want To Get

Motorcycle Modifications That You Might Want To Get

(Contributed post on bike modifications for our North American readers)

Motorcycles are fun to own, and not just for the pure fun of going for a ride on a sunny day. There’s also the joy you get in personalizing it to make it really feel like its yours, and an expression of who you are. They may be machines, but they also help express your passion in steel and chrome customizations. But there’s more to modifying your motorcycle than just aesthetics, you do so in order to add value and to also protect your investment. But, just as some modifications can improve your motorbike, others affect the performance negatively or even make it unsafe to ride. It’s for this reason that you need to choose your modifications wisely. So, what modifications should you consider installing on your bike?

Frame Sliders

Frame sliders have the same function as bull bars in that they keep the frame of the bike away from the ground in the event of a crash. Frame sliders are inexpensive and they can save you a lot of money and heartache because they prevent, or at least minimize, damage to your motorcycle’s frame. As many motorcycle owners already know, frame repairs can be very costly.

Engine Guards

Much like frame sliders, engine guards are protective additions to your motorcycle. Many motorcycle owners would tell you that the engine is the single most expensive component of your bike. An engine is composed of thousands of tiny parts, to the point that you can wind up better off buying a new bike instead of a new engine if it gets damaged severely enough. And while it’s true that you can indeed craft your own parts by making use of bronze castings, doing so to replace engine components is a task that is far too complicated.

Upgraded Suspension

Ohlins TTX-GP 7 shock

Suspension systems aren’t just meant to ensure a smooth ride, they are also meant to provide as much control as possible to the rider. An upgraded suspension also helps increase the longevity of your motorbike by protecting vital the internal parts from being shaken up due to bumps on the road.


Much like an upgraded suspension system, tires are going to help you maintain control as you go through sharp curves and corners. The best part is that since your motorcycle already comes with stock tires, you can often sell them to help offset the cost of buying upgraded tires. Aside from the extra traction and control, your bike’s going to look much better with thicker tires. Thickers tires also last longer than stock tires, so you get good value from the extra cost.

Improved Windshields

Windshields on motorcycles are more important than most people give them credit for. They direct airflow around the bike, while a poorly aligned windshield can increase drag. Consider changing your stock windshield into one that’s better angled, and maybe looks sportier too.

So, now that you have the essential modifications, you’re free to add more mods that enhance the look and experience of owning and riding your motorcycle. Just make sure to do your research and choose your modifications carefully, so you don’t wind up ruining the look or feel instead of improving it.