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Motorcycle licensing review

Learn learner novice Ride to Review plate

L PLATEQueensland and Western Australia continue to lag behind other states in their motorcycle licensing requirements.
While WA is still reviewing their licensing system, the Queensland motorcycle licensing inquiry has rejected calls for new riders to undergo a second test after six months and for returned riders to do a test.
WA and Queensland also allow open-licence car drivers to ride a 50cc bike or scooter without having to do a test.
The Queensland Government has accepted 10 of 12 recommendations from the  parliamentary inquiry into motorcycle licensing.
The most important of these is compulsory “pre-learner’’ testing in a closed area such as a carpark or circuit as part of their Q-Ride training.
Other recommendations the government supported are a review of the written test and further evaluations of the licensing system.
It rejected the recommendation that requiring returned riders to do a riding test. Instead, the government will only “encourage” them via a public education program to do a refresher training course.
The government also rejected the “Ride On’’ DVD as part of the motorcycle learner course claiming it was out of date and not relevant to the riding techniques taught by Q-Ride instructors or Queensland roads.
Perhaps our roads are so rough and potholed after several years of massive flooding a course in dirt riding skills should be included in the learner scheme!
It seems ludicrous that our states have such different requirements for licensing.
One of the main aims of the newly elected Australian Motorcycle Council is to standardise the licensing laws across the nation.
They face a major battle when states like Queensland think their roads are different to other states.