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Motorcycle commuters less peeved

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We already know motorcycle and scooter riders are happier commuters, but now a survey has quantified how little they are peeved by commuting.

Sitting in traffic jams is the biggest frustration for 60% of drivers on their daily commute, but only 13% of motorbike riders say it is a concern.

The latest figures are from a survey commissioned by British motorcycle insurance broker Carole Nash and comes as international Ride To Work Day is being held tomorrow.

The event is not officially recognised in Australia, but is celebrated in much of the Northern Hemisphere and Brazil.

We believe there are moves afoot to bring together the various state motorcycle commuter days and create a nationally co-ordinated Ride to Work Day. More information will be revealed shortly.

Should there be a national Ride to Work Day?

Meanwhile, the British survey found that riding commuters are less peeved with commuting because the pet peeves of commuters do not relate to them.

What peeved commuters:

  1. The amount of time spent in traffic – 41%
  2. Bad drivers – 34%
  3. Train or bus delays – 19%
  4. Drivers using their phone at the wheel – 17%
  5. People talking too loudly on the phone – 15%

No wonder riders are the happiest commuters! Throw into the mix the fact that we can filter and they can’t and it’s actually fun to commute.

Carole Nash spokeswoman Rebecca Donohue says that with the majority of all commuters’ peeved by other passengers and road users, “riding a motorcycle or scooter to work is the best way to avoid both public transport and the misery of traffic jams”.

We’ve published previous reports that show motorcycle commuters actually arrive at work much happier than their workmates, are six times less stressed than other motorists, are late less often and spend less on the journey.

Now the British Office for National Statistics has found that riding a motorcycle, moped or scooter has no negative impact on journeys of up to half an hour and after that it is negligible. 

Ex-thief advises on securing your bike London motorcycles tax happiest commuters rampant A British survey has found that riding a motorcycle makes you safer on a bicycle and vice versa, while other surveys show riders are the safest motorists.British Motorcycle Industry Association spokesman Steve Kenward says there are “huge personal benefits” to swapping to a motorcycle or scooter for riders, but also benefits for all road users by reducing traffic jams and commuting times. 

He mentioned the oft-cited Belgian study which found that when 10% of drivers swapped to a motorcycle, scooter or moped, congestion was reduced for all road users by 40%. When 25% swapped, it was eliminated. 

“Just imagine how much less congested our roads would be if more people swapped to two wheels?” Steve says.

To encourage more people to ride motorbikes to work, Carole Nash is supporting Ride to Work Week, from June 19-25, by automatically giving its policyholders in the UK and Ireland free commuting cover for the week.