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MotoHome is a motorcycle home away from home

MotoHome RV motorcycle tent

A Californian architecture student and rider has combined his passions to produce this MotoHome prototype which turns a motorcycle into a two-wheeled recreational vehicle.

Jeremy Carman (shouldn’t that be “Bikeman”!) launched a gofundme page in February 2018 to build his MotoHome and so far he has raised $US2916 toward his $5000 goal.

MotoHome RV motorcycle tent

Motorcycle tent

Car rooftop and ute-tray (pickup truck tray) tents have been available for a long time, but there have been few motorcycles with tents on top.

It is an interesting idea with advantages such as keeping you dry and safe from crocs and snakes. It would also protect your bike against bike thieves.

However, would you trust it not to fall over in the night if you have a restless sleep?

In 2016, a German company launched their Mobed motorcycle tent, but it has not yet gone into production that we know.

mobed-motorcycle-tent.jpg camping alaska motohome RV

MotoHome RV

As for Jeremy’s two-wheeled MotoHome RV, he’s been working on it for nine years as part of his architecture thesis.

Jeremy has now produced this promo video which shows how capable the bike is.

“It rips, it drifts, it corners, and it even tackles water crossings like a beast,” he says.

“I’m so impressed by this first prototype but there’s still much to improve.”

There is no word on if or when it would go into production or how much it would cost.

However, it needs a fair amount of customising of the donor motorcycle, not the least of which is a longer swingarm.MotoHome RV motorcycle tent

Jeremy says he is also looking for help to improve the suspension on his converted Honda.

Prototype tripMotoHome RV motorcycle tent

The entire reason for designing a fully capable off-road motorcycle shelter is because the intention is to be able to travel as I please and take the path less traveled,” he says.

Jeremy has now slept more than 20 nights in the prototype and plans to take it on “the trip of a lifetime to the southernmost tip of South America and back”.

“I’ll be crossing over 20,000 miles of deserts, rivers, beaches, and possibly scaling the Andes mountains.

MotoHome RV motorcycle tent

“I’ll be following in the footsteps of the many riders who’ve accomplished such amazing feats, however, the main difference is that I’ll be doing it on a bike I built and designed, that has an integrated shelter I built.”

Jeremy also hopes to turn the trip into a TV documentary.