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MotoGP’s FIM Mini GP World Series Is Now Open for Registration

2022 Alpe Adria Series Will Run June through September

A view of the 2022 FIM Mini GP World Series

When we sit down for a jaw-dropping day of popcorn and MotoGP circuit analysis, there’s nothing more blatantly obvious than the talent needed to stay on track in the heat of the moment; and while some riders may be newer to the game, others like Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez started at a very young age, highlighting the importance of competitions for young ones while they’re getting their feet wet in the world of motorcycle racing. 

A view of the 2022 FIM Mini GP World Series

To that effect, a report from RideApart has just stated that registration is open for 2022’s FIM Mini GP World Series, with this year’s running – the Alpe Adria Series – joining with FIM and DORNA to make this season a reality. 

“Thanks to the cooperation with FIM and DORNA, we can offer the drivers of our region a great opportunity with this project,” states the report.

“The success in 2021 and the new prospects for 2022 give us hope for a very exciting championship. We are also informing the drivers in our association that, under the new regulations, each driver must compete in their own national series.” 

A view of the 2022 FIM Mini GP World Series

With countries such as the Czech Republic, Greece, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Poland and Slovakia all attending as members of the Alpe Adria Motorcycle Union (not Italy – they have their own junior program), we will look forward to seeing the lineups. 

A view of the 2022 FIM Mini GP World Series

Be sure to stop by the Alpe Adria Series’s website for information on how to apply and register a young one (make sure you have everything in by the end of May).

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*Media sourced from AAMU and FIM*