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Motobit’s Sentinal – Cheap Device That Could Save Your Life

Motorcycle riders will more often than not pay premiums for any products that may provide additional layers of safety to your trip. In a day and age where we have smart helmets, com systems, heated gear, lean angle identification devices; why not add another product of the list of “things to buy to keep me safe”.

The Motobit Sentinel is quite a small device, allowing for it to be worn on your wrist like a watch or even thrown on your belt or in your pocket without losing any functionality.

What’s is the functionality I’m speaking of you might ask? How about; a life-saving technology that will notify an emergency contact in the event of a crash or a collision. The Sentinel monitors every facet of your ride, including whether or not you might have taken a tumble and need help.

The device includes a button on it to send a distress signal to your emergency contacts. From what I’ve read and seen in the teaser video, I can’t tell if it will automatically notify others when you crash or if you have to press the button every time. I personally think the device is kind of useless if it is indeed missing the feature to automatically notify others in case of an emergency. I’m not too sure if pressing a button on your belt or in your pocket is always possible after a collision at 160 km/h.

In addition to the main safety contact feature, the Sentinel also has the functionality to track your trip to assist you with safe speed limits based on rider experience level and can even alert you on the danger-level of the upcoming corner you’re flying into.

It’s worth looking into and with a low cost of $140 USD – a pretty small price to pay for added safety – you might as well buy one if you have available funds. Currently, the company has raised £6,834 of its £13,564 on their Indiegogo campaign, but you can still buy one from their website.