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MotoAmerica: Roadracing World Action Fund Raises Almost $150,000 In Support of Riders Safety

A view of the racers at MotoAmerica using the flimsy soft barriers for motorcycle accidents

A hefty congrats to MotoAmerica, whose Roadracing World Action Fund secured some serious coin in the name of safety!

With almost $150,000 USD raised for racers pulling the twisties, we’re told by Roadracing World that the majority of the money was raised last July at the WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, when the MotoAmerica Series showcased soft barriers made by Airfence and Alpina brands, resulting in three particularly massive donations. 

The fund was also fed in part by the “Rainey’s Ride To The Races” charity ride we’re told went “through the Monterey Peninsula [and] culminated at the track with a Q&A bench-racing session with three-time World Champion and MotoAmerica President Wayne Rainey and four-time World Champion Eddie Lawson, who also participated in the ride.”

A view of the racers at MotoAmerica using the flimsy soft barriers for motorcycle accidents

We’re told that the fund’s largest contributor is none other than Medallia’s President and CEO Leslie Stretch, already a sponsor of the MotoAmerica Medallia Superbike Series for this year. Stretch donated a stunning $150,000 USD, and comments the following: 

“For me, it’s very simple,” Stretch says. 

“Every track I go to where I know that everything has been done for the safety of the riders, I exponentially enjoy going there. All sponsors should allocate part of their investment to ensure that is the case. It results in happier spectators, more focused competitors, and happier sponsors all around. It’s just the right thing.”

A view of the racers at MotoAmerica using the flimsy soft barriers for motorcycle accidents

Robert Talbott, the founder of Talbott Vineyards and the owner of the Moto Talbott Museum in Carmel Valley, California, also donated $20,000 to the cause, with his excitement founded in the fact that the 501(c)3 meant complete transference of funds to whoever the charity would help. 

“When I realized that the Roadracing World Action Fund was a 501(c)3, I was pretty excited,” Talbott said. 

“It was something different than our normal donations…riding motorcycles is a defensive hobby, sport, love, profession, and I absolutely am committed to riding.”

“I’ve seen a lot of races and I’ve seen a lot of crashes and here is something we can be part of, and I’m thrilled. I have such respect for Wayne (Rainey) and if he’s channeling it, pushing it, I want to help him. This is really, really a neat thing. So many of the causes today don’t make the sense that this did to me.”

Motoamerica advert

Source: REVER

The report also tells us that on top of these giant donations, Chris Ulrich’s Dunlop and ECSTAR-sponsored Two-Up rides also added $13,000 in donations, with the MotoAmerica fines program pulling in $4000 for the riders’ benefit.

“I think I speak for everyone in our paddock when I say thank you to all those who contributed donations,” said MotoAmerica President Wayne Rainey. 

“All of them liked what they saw and decided to help, and their donations to the Roadracing World Action Fund will certainly help in the effort to purchase more Air Fence.”

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Be sure to donate to your local bike charity when you get a chance (say hi to them for us), and as always – stay safe on the twisties.

*All media not called out in the article is sourced from Roadracing World*