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Moto Guzzi Rear Sets

Here’s a source for Moto Guzzi rearsets:  I received the following email and photo from a Bob Flavell in the U.K., and I figured I’d post this information, as it might help Moto Guzzi owners looking for rearsets.  More Moto Guzzi rearsets (rear sets) sources below.

UPDATE April 30, 2007:  Bob Flavell wrote to say that he unfortunately no longer produces Moto Guzzi rearsets.

If anyone knows of a source for Guzzi rearsets, please email us at 

More Sources for Moto Guzzi Rearsets (Rear Sets):  Agostini rearsets available at EPF (Encore Performance & Fabrication) Moto Guzzi  |  Omar’s has Moto Guzzi rear sets and also carries rear sets for other makes of motorcycles  |  Here’s a very simple V11 Sport footpeg relocating kit and more at Evoluzione Cyclesports

“I have attached an info sheet for rear sets that I have developed and manufacture for the Daytona/1100 Sport and V11 range.

The units really do make a huge difference to the whole riding set up allowing you to ‘ride’ the bike rather than hang on.  They provide extra leg room, more weight over the front end, more precise gear selection and reduced knee ache, and they look the business.

The manufacture and design is excellent with styling that compliments the GUZZI.  I couldn’t live with the riding position as standard I’m sure there must be other riders out there with similar thoughts.

I will send pictures of the bike when its back together (over enthusiastic cornering in wrong gear).  Fitted a ‘Will Creadon’ (USA) injection chip to the SC last summer and it really does provide the answer to poor fuelling.

Best Regards from a snowy north east of England.

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