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Monkeying Around the World

ride that monkey

This Guy Is a Nut, but My Kind of Nut

Portuguese rider André Sousa set a record a while back for going the fastest around South America on a motorcycle. Now he has a new challenge. He wants to do a 37,000-mile journey around the world on a Honda Monkey. His journey has actually already begun. According to RideApart, he set off on July 12, 2020.

The trip will take him two years and it will let him travel across 50 different countries. It seems hardly like the best thing to do during a global pandemic, but he will be social distancing from the little seat of his Monkey, so at least there’s that. Also, With the U.S. being the hotspot right now for the virus, he’ll probably be fine for most of the trip, and maybe by the time he gets to the U.S. he won’t have any issues.

Sousa has his Monkey upgraded a bit with a new exhaust pipe and some auxiliary lights. He also has it all loaded up with luggage racks and gear, so that he can take along the things he needs. If you want to follow Sousa’s journey, check out his website at Ride That Monkey and the social media associated with it. This guy is living my dream, so I’ll be checking it out regularly.

ride that monkey