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Modern Motorcycle Technology

Modern Motorcycle Technology

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How Every Part of Your Motorcycle Works
By: Massimo Clarke
ISBN: 978-0-7603-3819-3
Quayside Publishing/Motorbooks 2010
240 pages, photos, illustrations and charts.
Printed and Bound in Italy.
Dimensions: 8×5 inches
List Price: $24.99

Modern Motorcycle Technology by Massimo Clarke is a brand-new release in the Motorbooks Workshop series.

It is an absolute must have!

Motorbooks has been pumping ’em out recently and I know we’ve gushed over more than a few, but this one is a real gem.

I’m a sucker for anything to do with engineering and technology.

And Modern Motorcycle Technology is right up there with the best of my primary motorcycle engineering collection.

The trinity includes Kevin Cameron’s Sportbike Performance Handbook (review) and Professor Vittore Cossalter’s Motorcycle Dynamics (review).

And the final member of this trio, the Haynes Motorcycle Electrical Manual (review).

This is an elite group, and Modern Motorcycle Technology deserves to be included.

Massimo Clarke is a well-known European motorcycle journalist with several motorcycle books to his name.

He was also the Technical Editor for Motosprint, an Italian motorcycle magazine.

He is currently a Director at Assomotoracing,  and he manages programs for MotoTV on the SKY network in Europe, a show is devoted to motorcycle and engine technology.

Modern Motorcycle Technology was printed in a smaller format at only 8 by 5 inches. I’m not sure why it was printed this way in its “hard/soft cover” binding, but it works.

The author states in the Preface that the book “contains a high density of information”, and that is a definite understatement.

The book is absolutely packed with pure information on every aspect of the motorcycle.

That includes, of course, the engine, but also the suspension, transmission, wheels, tires and everything else you can think of.

It’s all easy to read and infinitely entertaining for any motorhead, wrencher, shade tree mechanic and everyone else desiring an instant Ph.D. crash course in motorcycle technology.

The main focus is on the engine, including highly detailed photos of all its parts, along with descriptions on manufacturing processes like casting, machining and more.

Everything in the book is perfectly illustrated with very high-quality photos, line drawings, cutaways and artwork. I must say, the Italian book printing firm did a superb job with the layout and quality of the images and illustrations.

Everything you’ll ever need to know about the details of a motorcycle engine and the rest are here.

It’s everything from a look inside a motorcycle battery and how it works to a discussion on modern piston skirt design to how crankshafts are forged and how the main crankshaft bearings are ground.

You won’t get a better education on the inner workings of a motorcycle engine and the rest than with Modern Motorcycle Technology, especially for the $24.95 list price.

It’s actually a great bargain, considering how expensive books are today.

The book was just released and take it from me — it’s a definite must-have!

Publication Date: May 2010

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