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Mivv Brings 9 New Exhaust Options to BMW F 900 R and F 900 Xr

F900R and F900XR Get Mivv Pipe Support

Buying a new bike always comes with the unfortunate tradeoff of having a smaller selection of aftermarket parts to choose from than a bike that has had a few years of aftermarket support. If you bought a 2020 BMW F900R or F900XR you very well could be having that exact issue. One of the things I love about my 2015 Fj09 is the wicked amount of parts I can select from, especially when it comes to exhaust options. You can seriously watch hours of “FZ-09 Exhaust comparison compilations” where they go through 20 different exhausts so you can see how your bike will sound depending on the pipe you choose.

Luckily for those F900(X)R owners, Mivv has some new options for making your bike more vocal with a slight increase in power.

On the F900R side, we have a total of five new options for exhausts from Miiv:

If you happen to own the more comfortable F900XR sport-touring version, you will have a total of four exhausts to choose from:

  • Delta Race (€ 549,00 – Stainless Steel)
  • Delta Race Black (€ 549,00 – Black Stainless Steel)
  • Oval (€ 487,00 – Carbon With Carbon Cap)
  • Oval (€ 487,00 – Titanium With Carbon Cap

If you’re interested in checking out the horsepower and torque improvements you’ll see with the new exhaust, check out one of the links for each model listed above, where Mivv has all the stats and even sound clips of how the exhaust sounds.