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Missouri Lawmakers Push to Eliminate Motorcycle Helmet Law

Missouri motorcycle helmet law

Another State to Allow Helmet-less Riders?

Missouri used to have a mandatory helmet law. It might not in the future due to the fact that lawmakers in the state repealed the old law and put in its place a law that would allow for riders over 18 with the proper insurance to ride without a helmet. The approved law by officials now sits on the Governor’s desk.

There’s a very good chance this will pass. Public health organizations and individuals urge against the new law, citing statistics that show the injuries that occur from riders not wearing a helmet often falls on the taxpayers. However, those in favor of the law say it’s about personal liberty and the right to choose. 

Sen. Eric Burlison, R-Battlefield, likes the new law better than the old. He says it’s about personal choice. “There are so many citizens, especially from southwest Missouri, that volunteer their time to come up to this capitol building to advocate to have a little bit of their freedom back,” he told Springfield News-Leader.

No matter how you feel about the law, it’s clear what the smart choice is. You should wear a helmet. Helmets have been proven to reduce injuries and death considerably for riders or motorcycles. I’m a big proponent of wearing a lot more gear than just a helmet. However, it seems many states are reconsidering their helmet laws with varying results. It will be interesting to see where the  Governor lands on this law.

  1. Unfortunately from what I’ve seen in States without helmet laws, the majority are idiots that don’t wear one. I once saw a rider in full race leathers with no helmet in Montana. I remember thinking, so your head’s the one thing not worth protecting?

  2. Last weekend I rode on the back of a friend’s bike to get to dinner. We were out in the sticks (very small town), it was just a mile heading out of town and we didn’t break 35 mph but I can tell you I was freaking out. Seriously, thinking about how messed up I’d be if I go tumbling down the road at 35 mph. Told him absolutely no way I’m getting back to the hotel that way. As I’ve said before, last year I bounced along in the dirt and rocks at about 65 mph and since I had good gear, not ONE scratch on my skin and let me tell you my helmet got smacked hard. I’d probably be dead if not for the helmet. And, Mr. No Helmet, it wasn’t my fault that I was run off the road by an idiot. It can happen to anyone.

    It BOGGLES my mind that people ride like that. But sometimes I also agree with the freedom argument in the sense of just weeding really dumb people out of the gene pool.

  3. “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

    That line by Janis can have so many states of meaning.

    I guess all we can really do is have pity and compassion for those less fortunate than us.

    I’ve benefited from my bicycle and motorcycle helmet but maybe I didn’t believe enough in my freedom of choice.

  4. Wow, that quote applies so well here. I remember many years ago, long before I got (happily) married I took more risks but more to the point I was just less responsible and focused on just having fun all the time. I remember saying, “let’s face it, I do this crap partly because I have nothing to lose.” AKA, I had little to nothing, just a small apartment, no girlfriend, crappy car etc.

    I wonder if that might apply to those riders who bang down the freeway on their V twin cruisers doing 75 mph with no helmet. Little to nothing to lose?

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