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Miriam Orlandi Rides 4,350 Miles on Her Zero SR/S to Norway

The Northern Tip of Europe

miriam orlandi zero SR/S

Miriam Orlandi joins a rare group of folks who have taken electric motorcycles far further than many people thought possible. She managed to cover 4,350 miles on a 21-day journey.

She rode from Brescia, Italy, to Nordkapp, Norway. That means she averaged about 200 miles each day. While a couple of hundred miles might not seem like much, for an electric bike, it’s a pretty good amount.

She joins others like Diego Cardenas, Jesse Dalba, and Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman as a person who has taken an extremely long ride on a motorcycle.

Orlandi noted the silence of the motorcycle as one of the things she liked and the generosity of people who let her charge her motorcycle when she needed it, according to Motociclismo.

The motorcycle she used was the Zero ZR/S. The company launched that model at the beginning of 2020. It’s a fully-faired version of the performance-oriented SR/F from Zero. When it debuted as a sport-touring motorcycle, I saw a lot of comments about how you couldn’t tour with that low of a range. Well, Orlandi proved those folks wrong.

The charging network in Europe is pretty good. That means doing a trip like this is not only doable but it can be pretty easy, depending on where you want to go. As more and more charging stations pop up around the globe, it will be easier and easier for riders of electric bikes to do longer trips like this.