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Mips Releases 2020 Annual Report

MIPS annual report 2020

Mips Concludes 2020 As A Success

Mips is a big deal. They have over 26 partnerships with the world’s biggest names in helmet manufacturing that have resulted in the construction of 729 helmets that feature the almighty Mips technology. The safety titan has just published a 128-page report detailing every crucial detail that made Mips so successful in 2020. The information presented in this document spans the entire sales process and includes every small detail that has led to Mips recent success.

What is Mips (for those unaware)? Mips offers a “groundbreaking and patented safety system” that adds an extra layer of safety to helmets. This tech has led to an explosion of partnerships with big helmet manufacturers and sales that add up to over 20 million units sold. The tech is aimed at providing helmets with rotational motion protection through the use of a low friction layer. This system replicates the same system your actual bran/skull uses for protection and translates that to the helmet to allow for rotational movement within the helmet to keep your noggin safe.

The 2020 annual report has some pretty staggering figures to back up Mips success. In 2019, Mips managed to package their tech into a total of 5 million helmets sold, and that number grew to 7.2 million for 2020 and will obviously grow going into the 2021 sales year. 

The report goes in-depth into the helmet market and where Mips fits with its business model and strategy. Talk about transparency. This document has so much information about the internal sales numbers of Mips and where the current market is at you would assume that it’s best suited for eyes within the company only.

If you’re interested in learning more about Mips success and where they’re at in regards to the motorcycle industry you can find the full report here.