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Military Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle and the Military

USMC military design motorcycle helmet

Motorcycles are among the top most vehicles used in the world. All age groups like to ride motorcycles that provide access and reach to congested areas and provide freedom of travel. Most of the developing countries prefer using motorcycle as means of traveling. Through motorcycles are the ride for fun and enjoyment as well as the style, these rides are also dangerous.

Annually records of motorcycles crashes and accidents lead to permanent injuries, dismemberment and deaths. Alone in United States the number of deaths reached 4,612 in 2011 and 4502 in the year before. Most of these deaths and causalities are caused by poor protection system adopted by the motorcycle riders. Most injuries are lethal or related to causes resulting in death or penalization.

Even though there are many dangers attached with the motorcycle riding, it is still the most efficient vehicles used by teenagers and students. Such class of motorcycle riders prefers motorcycles that are both economical and have style. There have been protective kits including motorcycle helmets that now come in different styles and materials to provide a range of styles from which riders can select their motorcycle helmets.

Military Motorcycle Helmets

Shark RAW Trinity Grn Sil Grn L
Shark Raw trinity

Military style motorcycle helmets are used by people usually coming from the old school style category. These helmets are strong and protective but not fully protective. Other old school military helmets have evolved so much during the past decades and have somehow maintained the position to stay in style and demand. Military helmets are used by a specific set of people while the other old school military helmets are used by the riders who prefer customized bikes and motorcycles.

The fighter pilot motorcycle helmet is also a broad category of military inspired motorcycle helmet. Where aviator style motorcycle helmets allow high pressure and perfect breathing system to the air force soldiers, it has inspired motorcycle riders to get a full face protective shield to avoid contact during accidents or crash. These helmets, like the Shark RAW Trinity to the right, are liked by motorcycle riders who like fast motorcycles and it also allows them to bear the pressure.

Metal helmets have been a symbol of warriors and adopted in different shapes and styles in the historical wars. The style of these metal helmets have changed into a style edge all metal helmet like roman military helmet style with prints and designs that define the users style statement. These metal helmets are strong and protection but they require proper maintenance and care.

Such helmets that are inspired by some region of a category like army helmets including the air force helmets, Navy helmets, and marine helmets are designed to improve the style and protection with use of light materials maintaining the standard safety system demands. German motorcycle helmets have been replicated and used as motorcycle helmets for a long, long time.

Vintage Military Helmets

Jackie Lane Rare British Lion Vintage Photo Motorcycle Helmet ProfileRecently the vintage military have been provoked by the stylists and designers. You can find the military inspired clothing and apparels almost everywhere. It has become a style statement for users and stylists. These apparels and accessories are inspired by both the older version and the new version of the military uniforms. Such clothing range includes jackets, shirts, belts, leather equipment and leather boots used by military individuals. The military equipment styling and inspired clothing have won a best part of designing industry. There has been separate range of styled trousers inspired by military uniforms. Plus everyone can wear such clothing styles. That is why it has captured a large part of market share.

Not only the clothing and accessories have won over the market but also have other equipment like jewelry and leather equipment including bags, covers and skins. Military helmets have similarly inspired the market to curve between the high fashion statements to the classic military patch coded uniforms prints. Designers have collaborated their efforts to inject the same print into the style line for both females and males.

More Vintage Motorcycle Helmets


Navy, Marines, and the British

british motorcycle helmetWhere the metal helmets have made new progress in the design of helmets and their shapes from roman warrior helmet styles to motorcycle helmet styles, the military helmets like from navy and marine have also gathered much attention. The British military motorcycle helmet has evolved the most in the history.

With MK7 British military motorcycle helmet replacing the MK6 military helmet the changing style statement and use did not limit the functioning and expansion of this style from military use to the casual wear statement on the country road. Military helmets are made on the base of strict criteria. This criterion improves the functionality of the user in the field. These militarized motorcycle helmets or other helmets including marine and air force helmets are tested thoroughly before approval.

Taking in hand the image of perfection and best functionality, the designers have been developing helmets for teenagers that help them connect with the inspired core and feel comfortable using the products.


Military Style Helmet skullcrush carbon fiber helmetThe Old and the New

Looking for style and safety both in your ride and safety equipment, but we also like to connect products with inspiration to the original use. Many motorcycle riders are noticed with military badges and marks printed on their jackets and motorcycles. Not only the marks, but sometimes the evidences collect the riders having jackets, trousers. Helmets and boots all inspired by the military vintage. have inspired a range of helmet products all over the world. These helmets are based on the designs used in the military.

Though the materials have been slightly changed in the development of such products to maintain both style and safety, the image of the helmets has remained the same. The use of helmets is evident in the past years with more and more use of both standard and customized motorcycles. The motorcycle developing companies have also inspired teenagers and motorcycle riders by use of different bikes range that includes the criteria’s of color, speed, strength and style.

All these requirements of the riders are somehow fulfilled by the USMC motorcycle helmet company. These helmets come in a large variety and have been designed in so many colors and styles. These helmets are not only military inspired but also strong and protective for almost all types of motorcycle riders.