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Michelin Launches New Road 6 Street Tires

A street tire is subject to the most varied of riding conditions. Sure, they aren’t as grippy as slicks in the dry, but their everyday useability is what makes them the perfect choice for someone who isn’t frequenting a racetrack. Street tires come with predominantly smooth rubber with grooves in them to channel water away, in the event of rain or a particularly wet patch of tarmac. They’re also longer lasting than track-focused rubber. Michelin offers some of the best street tires out there and with its latest product, it’s taken things up a notch.

The new Road 6 sits at the top of the French manufacturer’s street tire lineup. The brand has taken its popular Road 5 tires and made them even better to produce this new option. It supposedly offers 15% more grip in wet conditions and a 10% longer tread life than the Road 5. 

Cutaway shot of the Michelin Road 6 tires

Michelin has mentioned in its press release that it features a redesigned tread pattern that better disperses water away from the contact patch. RideApart mentions in its report that the Road 6 tires also offer improved cornering stability, translating to an overall more engaging ride. 

The front tire now features Michelin’s 2CT+ Technology (already available on the rear), which is essentially better rigidity for the sidewalls, translating to sharper feedback to the handlebars while cornering. It should also result in improved better stability under heavy braking or hard acceleration. 

The Road 6 will be available in standard form, as well as a GT version for larger motorcycles. The regular range comprises six front and eight rear sizes, while the GT tire range is available in one front and three rear sizes. Michelin has said that this extensive portfolio will be able to cater to nearly every motorcycle, from entry-level options like the KTM 390 Duke to tourers like the BMW K1600 GT/GTL.