Meguiar’s All Metal Restorer

Meguiar’s All Metal Restorer

Manufacturer’s Information

Category:  Metal cleaner, polish
Type:  Squeeze bottle, 10 oz. (296 ml)
Manufacturer:  Meguiar’s
Made In:  U.S.A
Retail Price:  $7.99

Claims – “Makes wheels dazzling brilliant.  Extra long lasting.”
For Use On – Metal wheels and trim.
Claimed Features – “Safely and easily removes oxidation, dirt and other contaminants while creating a mirror-like shine and adding tough, long-lasting protection.  Utilizes micro-abrasives specially designed to remove dirt without scratching.”
Application –  Apply with 100% cotton terry cloth towel.  Rub small amount on surface, rub until shine appears.  Wipe with clean cloth

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Our Opinions

It’s a real challenge to keep motorcycle wheels clean.  The painted cast wheels seem to get stains that are almost impossible to remove, and chrome wheels lose their shine seemingly overnight.It’s also very hard to access the nooks and crannies of cast wheels, and just as hard to polish around the rims of spoked wheels.

We used the Meguiar’s Gold Class All Metal Restorer on painted cast wheels and chrome plated spoked wheels.  Its cleaning ability is acceptable and it starts to remove surface dirt quickly as soon as it is rubbed on to the finish.  It’s slightly hard to remove the polish residue from the painted wheels.  It does a basic job of cleaning chrome plated wheels, but we prefer the S100 Polishing Soap instead for that chore.

Score:  2/5

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