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Maurice Slaughter, Harley and Ducati Dealership Owner, Gifted $100k Ducati Superbike From Wife

I Think It’s Time for Me to Find a New Wife…

With a name like Maurice Slaughter, you’d think he’s some kind of Harley riding, dealership owning badass; which he is just exactly that. Maurice celebrated 20 years with Bayside Harley- Davidson/Ducati in Portsmouth this year and has been wheeling n’ dealing expensive bikes for quite some time now.

Now I’m not entirely sure what the occasion is, but his wife of 37 years, Cynthia, just gifted him a present that he will be chasing to out-do for decades to come. We can only dream of waking up to an early Christmas present like this. I’ve heard many Ducati owners joke on the internet about how their new superbike purchase almost led them to divorce, but this takes it to a whole new level.

What’s in the box you might ask? Of course, it’s a 220 horsepower 2020 Ducati Superleggera V4 retailing at $100k. After a 2-year purchasing process and $20,000 deposit, Cynthia has secured and delivered on the epitome of a Ducati enthusiast’s dream bike. The most powerful, most expensive, most extreme Ducati the company has ever set out to manufacture to date.

A 1 of 500, handcrafted Italian superbike. I don’t think this one would have fit under the Christmas tree, so he got it on September 16th. Michael Jordan always gets bike #23 (his jersey number), and Maurice #130. The bike will be displayed at his dealership for the following few weeks before reportedly taking Ducati up on their offer of taking it for a ride on the Ferrari race track.

Que the suspense soundtrack… “I can’t wait to see my Christmas gift,” said Cynthia after the whole opening process was completed. This is a prime example of Newton’s third law of motion, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Let’s cheers to Maurice’s new bike and pray he can figure out how he’s going to pull off gifts for his wife going forwards.