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Matrix Motorcycle Helmets Opens Pre-Orders on the Alpha Pro

Matrix Alpha Pro

Pre-Order the Ultra Modular

I reported previously about the Matrix Alpha Pro ultra modular helmet. That helmet is a super-unique lid in that it can be reconfigured into a full-face, open face with a chin bar and with goggles, open face with a chin bar and no goggles, or an open face helmet. There are also adjustable elements, such as the rear spoiler and vents for airflow.

The helmet is now available for pre-order. The company only plans to make 1,500 of the helmets available for pre-order, so that means if you want one of these, then you’ll need to act fast to get on the list. Because the helmet is so customizable, you’ll have a range of prices to choose from. Prices range from £219 – £633. That translates to roughly $277 – $800.

Matrix Motorcycle Helmets is a company that was created by Pavel Vlasov, a prominent motorcycle helmet customizer. Pavel is also the owner of Blaze Artworks, a world-leading custom painted helmet company. This new ultra modular helmet is designed to take Matrix Motorcycle Helmets to a whole new level.

The Alpha Pro features ECE and DOT certification, a 3k carbon fiber shell, a vented Respo mask, and an adjustable Aero Wing spoiler among other features. While we haven’t had a chance to test the Alpha Pro yet, it would be interesting to get up close and personal with this helmet.