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The Martrix Alpha Pro Is an Interesting New Modular Helmet

Matrix alpha pro

One Helmet for Many Situations

If you’re looking for one helmet you can use for street, motocross, adventure riding, track riding, then Matrix has an option for you. The company calls it the Matrix Alpha Pro, and the company claims it’s “the ultra modular” helmet. Seeing as how I haven’t seen one of these up close or worn one, I can’t confirm or deny their claims, but I do find the helmet interesting.

It has a modular design, but it’s more than just a helmet with a flip-up chin bar. The helmet can be worn as a full-face, open face with chin bar and with goggles, or an open face helmet. It features an adjustable rear spoiler Aero Wing. This is supposed to improve stability and reduce drag, noise, and turbulence at high speed.

There’s also what the company calls Super Ventilated Respo Mask, which is a filtration mask that’s built into the helmet but can be removed. It’s designed to filter out pollen, soot, dirt, and whatever else might be floating around. Other good stuff includes a carbon shell, ECE and DOT approval, and a light on the back for braking that will blink in the event of an accident.

Right now the company only plans to make 1,500 helmets available for pre-order do to manufacturing capacity. In order to preorder, you’ll have to put in your email address and then you can configure your helmet. I’m not seeing a price listed but it looks like a good lid. If you’re interested in it or learning more, check out Matrix’s website.