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MASEI 419 Skull DOT Motorcycle Helmet Review


Masei Helmets   Masei 419 DOT Motorcycle Chopper Open Face Helmet GREY

Designed to be worn with the skull on the front, or the back of the head, the choice is yours. In case of night riding, dark conditions, or strict helmet law requirements, you can reverse the helmet to suit your needs.

Helmet specs:

  • 419 Masei Skull  helmets are DOT approved
  • Sunvisor included.
  • Quick-Release Buckle
  • Removable, washable Liner
  • Fiberglass Skull Face
  • One size fits all
    (M – XXL)

What are people saying about this motorcycle helmet?

“How much, doesn’t matter, I want one now!”

“That is one unique helmet, I get asked all the time where to get one.”

“Crazy, just crazy, where do I send the check?”



What does this helmet look like on?

masei skull motorcycle helmet on

There are plain motorcycle helmets, and there are Custom Motorcycle Helmets. When you wear something that makes people stop what they are doing and tell their friends about what they saw, then you are on the right track. A quick video peek:


 A video look at this skull shaped helmet:

Important Notes from the Video:

I have recently purchased two Masei brand full face helmets to wear when I ride my Yamaha Vino motorcycle. On one of them — which I shall label A for the remainder of this review — the padding on the top does not cover the eyes. Therefore, I can still see through the eye sockets. Such is not the case with the other helmet — which I shall call B, on which the padding does cover the eyes, so that more vision is blocked off. One side of helmet A is straight and contoured, while the other side is oblong, going around. Helmet B also has this fault, though it is not as great. On helmet B, the situation is quite tragic: It is much more curved around one side, making the head space wider. Thus, even though both helmets are large, B fits my head more loosely. A is not great, but it is okay, whereas B is not okay.

A is also protected around the edge, while B has massive gaps in the same place. I bought both of them for the purposes of comparison and contrast, to show the company that one of the helmets is descent, but the other is not.

The implications of the almost-perfect design of helmet A for my safety while biking have been tremendous. Small stones and large insects, including butterflies, have all hit me without causing any problems, though had such things happened to me if I was riding without the helmet, they would have injured me, perhaps severely. Although I generally do not like having my face covered particularly, when it comes to my own safety, the protection that is offered is worth any uncomfortable sensation that I might feel when wearing the Masei.

Another plus for this brand of helmet is the jaw shield and the mass of padding that lines its inside. This padding would allow the force from a crash to be taken, not just through the jaw area of the helmet, but through the entire body thereof.

There is, indeed, only two things that I really dislike about the Masei helmet. One is the rubber piece that locks the plastic face shield into that of the jaw. The other is that the helmet does not have an air vent. On occasion, the rubber piece comes loose, and when it does I find it quite annoying. I would like it if the Masei were to be redesigned so as to allow more fresh air to pass into it.

The Masei company has produced a variety of motorcycle helmets, all of them made out of reinforced chromium metal, whose colors, shapes and sizes all distinguish them. Some of them have clear plastic visors that come in colors that the buyer can choose for himself or herself. With the 489 SKULL CRAZYSKULL, for instance, you can choose among dark, silver, blue and rainbow. Another of their products — the DOT ECE, even comes with a pair of inner sunglasses that provide extra protection on sunny days, when the glare can cause a fatal or severe accident.


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