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How many bikes in a car parking bay?

Parking motorcycles Sturgis rally act threat
Centre parking for the Sturgis Rally

Most local authorities only allow one motorcycle to park in a car parking bay, ticketing all bikes when there is more than one.

However, from July 1 Canberra will trial a system to allow three motorcycles or scooters to occupy a single car parking space in an effort to encourage more riders to help resolve parking, pollution and traffic issues.

It seems like a great idea, but unfortunately the city of bureaucrats has been a bit too bureaucratic.

More than three scooters could easily occupy a car parking space. If they do, which ones get ticketed?

On the other hand, probably only two big cruiser tourers could occupy the same space. Should a motorcycle or scooter then try to squeeze in and possibly damage the other bikes?

Why nominate a number at all? 

There are other issues as well. Apparently, if it’s a paid parking bay, each rider has to pay the full amount as a car, even though they are only taking up a third.

Also, there is the issue of riders possibly stealing the parking ticket off a bike that has already paid. (We suggest you take a photo of the ticket on your bike, but that’s not foolproof either.)

Apparently, parking inspectors have been advised to use discretion in fining parked motorcycles during the trial.

Brisbane free motorcycle footpath parking bay
Brisbane free motorcycle footpath parking bays

Apparently, the council is also consulting Melbourne and Brisbane about footpath parking.

Melbourne allows free footpath parking within certain limitations while Brisbane and Adelaide (on trial at present) allow free footpath parking only in delineate the bays which reduces the number of bikes that can use a given space.

In Brisbane, commuters say all spaces are usually occupied by 7am.

It has been suggested that riders protest the lack of motorcycle parking by riding into CBDs and occupying car parking spaces to prove a point.

That’s a great idea, but be careful about parking in private and some council parking stations where you pay on entry/exit as they will fine riders for parking their motorcycles in car bays after having paid the lower fee.Footpath Parking protest parking bay

Federal Opposition transport spokesman Anthony Albanese has long been a supporter of providing more parking spaces for two-wheeled transport, recognising that we are the solution, not the problem.

That’s all well and good, but what can the Federal Government do about a local authority issue?

At least Canberra now seems to be on the ball with recognition of motorcycles and scooters.

Not only are they trialling the parking system for a year and lane filtering, but they are also considering footpath parking and have introduced a low 1% stamp duty for new motorcycles from July as part of their Vehicle Emission Reduction Scheme to reward those who buy low-emission vehicles.

Pity we don’t follow the example of South Dakota during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally which gives whole streets to motorcycles.

  1. I thought the GST was supposed to eliminate all other taxes such as stamp duty
    But the we still get excise and luxury taxes and god knows what else?
    Who fault was the GST again?
    Then again the other mob brought in th FBT which was supposed to target wealthy tax dodgers but really harmed low income earners and restaurants and low paid office workers who had to start paying for parking . It even hurt the private schools and universities who now get huge amounts of federal funding because of it and guess what the uber rich still avoid tax! The election I think I might vote for one nation or anyone other than labor or the LNP

  2. Bloody Brisvegas bike parking. If you’re game or stupid enough to wade through the mire that regulates city parking be warned. All is not as it seems. Even the councils own disputes ‘Commissioner’ is confused, and I quote. “….. the issue of parking on footways is complicated by the fact that the council does not have enforcement jurisdiction over every footway in the CBD”. So it would seem neither do the plod. There is great confusion in Brisbane as to who owns the turf i.e. council, the State or privately owned and open for the public. The sooner this town grows up and allows motorcycle and scooter parking on the footpaths the better. Speed safely.

  3. Here is a tip on how to park in Sydney CBD. I was parked on the edge of a loading zone and normal parking space with my rear wheel in the curb for less than 5 minutes, when I came back to find a ranger just about to ticket me. I was really polite and pleaded ignorance about the where to park and asked would it be better to park on the path? He said if you are to park on the foot path, park against the building and not the curb side, reason being that the council doesn’t own the immediate land / path in front of the building, so they can’t fine you. The worst that can happen is that the building security would have to contact the authorities, police or council who would then have to contact you to move your Moto. Also he said make sure you do it in fashion that won’t affect pedestrian access. Since then (2years) if have done this and it’s amazing how many buildings in the CBD have very large areas in the front of their buildings where your bike can rest there. Twice I have been contacted to move my bike by the authuorities. It seems weird but that’s how it works. Don’t know the legality of it all – not a lawyer, but if you think you can find a bike park in Sydney CBD even with the bike parking app after 9 think again, park outside of town and use your opal card.

    1. True but beware of small doors or large ones that seem sealed
      Be they fire escapes or hydrants or electricity closets parking in front of them can get your bike towed and impounded.

  4. Back in the 1970s, Adelaide City Council started ticketing bikes parked more than one per car parking space. So one Saturday morning, organized by a riders group of the time, hundreds/thousands of motorbikes went into the CBD at 7 or 8am and parked up one bike per car space all over town and sat there until shops closed at noon. It filled darn near every parking space in town and left the cars with no place to park. Council backed right down. Might be time to repeat that trick.

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