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Make Your 2021 Honda CRF450 Scream With a New Yoshimura Exhaust

Titanium and Stainless-Steel Performance For the CRF450R/RX

It’s no secret why Yoshimura has been on top of the game for providing motorcycle exhaust options for the last 65 years. From street bikes to MX; whatever you ride can get a quick performance and sound upgrade with a Yoshimura system.

I’m an avid motocross rider myself, and I don’t have a single friend with an MX bike that hasn’t swapped the exhaust. With such robust bikes, there aren’t a ton of options for increasing horsepower for cheap; and nothing sounds or feels better than a 4-stroke featuring upgraded pipes.

Yoshimura has teamed up with HRC (Honda Racing Corp.) to bring the RS-12 exhaust system to the market for consumers alike. The system features an asymmetrically shaped muffler for maximum capacity and a resonance chamber for horsepower increases, as well as sound management.

You can purchase this set-up in both slip-on and full system variants for riders seeking maximum performance from their exhaust setup. Yoshimura claims the system has many features you can find on their Factory Race bikes such as machined joints to ensure proper sealing to avoid any leaks.

Their new PTF insert ring makes removing sound inserts a breeze so you can experience both quiet performance and screaming loud exhaust notes for all your throttle-brapping needs.

The system is developed and manufactured in the USA, so you know your hard-earned dollars are going right back into local jobs for your peace of mind.

You can buy the titanium full system for $1,199, stainless-steel full system for $899, and the slip-on variation for $679 if you want to experience the difference without the hassle and monetary setback of replacing an entire system.

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