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How to maintain the condition of your bike on a budget

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We all want to keep the motorbike in top condition, and on the road.

However, in the northern winter months it is difficult to get out and about and when you only have two pieces of rubber between you and the icy road, you don’t want to risk an accident.

You can spend the winter months to do the essential work on your bike, restore the polish, and check the tires and wheels. Find out more about maintaining your bike all year round below.

Attend regular checks

You will need to get your bike checked every six months. If it is covered up during the winter, you will have to get it checked out before you go out again. Parts can seize up, and this can be dangerous. Your tire pressure might go down, or you will simply need to make adjustments. Take your bike down to a professional garage for a check up. It will cost you less than an accident.

Keep an eye on tire pressureMotorcycle tyre pressures - nitrogen condition

You need to check the pressure in your tires every time you go out. If you are running on flat, you can cause further damage, and will need to replace several parts before your motorbike is roadworthy again. You can get a small device that monitors your tire pressure for a few dollars. Check out the reviews of the tire pressure monitors to make sure they are suitable for your model and year.

Shop around for insurance

Just because your bike is smaller, it doesn’t mean you pay less than those with a car. If you have a strong machine with a lot of horsepower, and limited riding experience, you might want to take an advanced riding test to reduce your insurance payments. You might also decide to pay for insurance only in the months you use your bike, or take out extra insurance that covers the outstanding amount of finance on your car.

Sign up for dealership offers

Just like an auto loan, motorbike financial agreements often come with extended warranty and regular check ups. Take advantage of the offers, and rest assured that specialist mechanics are looking after your bike. You might get a tire and oil change offered at a yearly rate, which includes regular check ups.

Take it for a spin regularlyVictory Magnum leather jacket condition

To make sure all parts work well, you should take your bike for a spin regularly. Keep the batteries charged up, and prevent wheels from seizing up. Even if it is only around the block, keep an eye on the oil level, and use your quiet winter months for essential maintenance.

Keeping your car in the best condition possible is a good way of staying safe on the road. If you look after your motorbike and check oil levels, tire pressure, and condition regularly, you can save money on repair costs and your insurance as well. Make sure that you take your bike on a spin and complete all the repair and maintenance jobs before the spring.

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