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Mahindra Bought Peugeot Motorcycles

Peugeot Motorcycles Metroplis

The Company Plans to Expand

Back in 2015 Mahindra bought 51 percent of Peugeot Motorcycles (a different company than the Peugeot car company). Recently Mahindra purchased the rest of the company. It now owns 100 percent of Peugeot Motorcycles and will use it to expand its footprint in Europe.

Peugeot is a bit of an oddball name for North Americans. If it’s known, it’s known as a French car maker, but Peugeot Motorcycles makes scooters and motorcycles that are quite popular in Europe, especially in France. 

Mahindra plans to take the success of that company and expand it. Motorcycle Data reports that the company ranks fourth in France in terms of sales. So there’s definitely room for the company to grow even in its home country. From there, there’s even more room to expand across Europe. I doubt the manufacturer will come to the states anytime soon, but there’s always the chance it will in the future.

Mahindra plans to keep the Peugeot headquarters in France (at least for now), according to RideApart. From there, the company will work towards producing seven new models by 2023 to help Peugeot garner more market share in France and abroad. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of this takeover. I’m not opposed to some cool French bikes coming to the U.S., though they would likely be scooters.