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Would You Conform To Electric?

Survey Shows 31% of Participants Would Rather Give Up Riding Than Adapt To EV

The Southern California Norton Owner's Club on a ride

The United Kingdom has plans to eventually phase out diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles in favor of low-carbon emitting and carbon-neutral/electric vehicles.

While this new diet plan is extremely ambitious, the drive to end the sale of fossil fuel engines by 2030 has become a very real goal – and one that will also impact the motorcycle world.

In a recent survey held by the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), participants were asked a series of questions surrounding the potential of a future without fossil fuel engines.

Some of the results may come as a surprise, but overall the survey pointed toward a community still very much in love with internal combustion engines. 

a back right view of a lineup of motorcyclists

The report states that 4805 participants (both affiliated with MAG and not) were asked a series of questions on the future of motorcycle riding – here they are, with their responses.

On the potential of gas-fueled vehicles being phased out:

  • 8% of respondents accepted the inevitable
  • 36% wanted a delay of the phase-out
  • 55% completely refused and opposed the idea

On whether participants would like MAG to partner with other organizations to fight the ban:

  • 83% were in favor
  • 17% were opposed

On the eventual removal of fossil fuel vehicles (with the expected switchover being EV, of course):

  • 31% said they would quit riding
  • 56% would delay the switchover to EV for as long as possible
  • 13% would adapt and move on

A lineup of Motorcycle riders affiliated with the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG)

Selena Lavendar, Chairman of MAG, states, “MAG always represents the views of all riders, regardless of their choice of motorcycle.  We have worked hard to develop the channels that get riders’ opinions heard by Government. We will not misrepresent those opinions.”

Having come from a rather sparse moto-background, I find myself more easily able to adapt to the concept of eventually switching over to EV. Whether this results from my hardcore obsession with TRON or simply a byproduct of my expertise is yet to be seen. Still, ultimately, it seems that dreams fuel decisions  – and in a world where fuel comes in many different canisters, each is entitled to their own.

  1. Let me start by saying that I am not opposed to electric vehicles, in fact, I feel that they could and will be very impressive in the future. But the time frame that world governments want is, in my opinion, completely unrealistic. For it to become a reality, we would need to see the roll out of charging stations nation wide happening NOW, and it’s not. We would need to see the upgrade of the national electric grid happening NOW, and it’s not. In Australia, we would need some very real and massive upgrades to our electric generation systems, and there is nothing in the pipeline and no answer to the question of how we will produce that power. We would need to see real and tangible alternatives to lithium Ion batteries, longer battery life span and longer range to become an actual replacement for fossil fuels. And globally, we need to address the inevitable question of disposing of the toxic waste from exhausted batteries. As long as these issues remain unaddressed, I can’t see electric getting off the ground, let alone being a complete replacement for the infernal combustion engine. And besides, while an electric bike might be a good commuter, or a fantastic trail bike, it would never replace the rumble of a V twin cruiser for me…

    1. Hello Andy,

      I’ll drink to that! As for the rumble of a good carburetor, I’ll vouch for the irreplaceable nostalgia and heft.
      I DO think that all this will eventually come to pass, though perhaps not in the advertised way, nor in the advertised time—100%.
      Regarding the exhausted battery waste…hmmm…sounds like the perfect topic for another article…
      Stay tuned, as I myself am also curious about this one.


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