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Low Pro Helmets – NON DOT Style

5 Best Low Profile Novelty Motorcycle Helmets

Mushroom head from you DOT helmet? Check out these ultra-thin, novelty helmets.

Novelty Low Pro Helmet- Flat Black

Novelty Eagle Flat Black Low Pro Motorcycle Helmet

Some helmets you buy because you are looking for the ultimate in protection. Other helmets you buy because you just you know you look cool. They don’t include the descriptive term “Novelty” in the name of the Eagle Flat Black Large for protection. Novelty is there in the name because it lets you know what to expect.

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What can you expect from the Novelty Eagle Helmet? Utter comfort at the top of your body regardless of how uncomfortable your ride may make the rest of your body. The fiberglass shell, unobstructed view and padded chin strap with pivoted retention translates into a light weight atop your noggin and a comfortable fit to keep it in place. If you take the time to make sure you get a model that’s a perfect fit for your head, you will look great on just about any ride. Just don’t head off onto the open road expecting any real protection should things take an unexpected left turn. On the other hand, this helmet does leave you ears wide open and exposed so that left turn should not result from an inability to sounds of traffic all around you.

This helmet makes you look good because it looks good. The interior is subtly decorated beneath an attractive body of nickel tubular steel. While you it may not protect you from a bad spill, it is durable enough to give you plenty of years of riding safely on your bike. Best of all, it lacks in certified approval from the good folks at the DOT, it more than makes up for in affordability. Heck, when you see just good you look, you may want to buy a backup.

As for safety, all the news isn’t bad: it has a connect lock and other safety features to ensure a certain level of protection while you ride. Durability is reinforced with with three-ply fiberglass construction. Key to the looks and the level of security the helmet does maintain is that both sides and the interior are well-padded. In addition, the helmet edge is protected with lock edge cover to afford at least some minimal level of protection absent in cheaper novelty helmets. Word of advice: do measure the circumference to make sure that it’s a good fit for the shape of your head. If a little looser than you’d like, you always have the option of adjusting the strap to make the first a little firmer.

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Flat Black Skull Cap Novelty Motorcycle Helmet

Flat Black Skull Cap Novelty low pro Motorcycle HelmetAmazon and other online merchants feel your pain if you have been disappointed in your search for an extra-large helmet with a low-profile.

Look around because you may find others that you prefer, but do be sure to give the Daytona Novelty Motorcycle Helmet a look in your search for the ultimate in extra large helmets that don’t leave you feeling like you’ve got a Dutch oven on your head. This low-profile helmet is loaded with terrific features that combine safety, ease of use and comfort.

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For starters, Daytona has fitted the helmet with a Nylon strap retention system. What’s so great about this feature? Once you have have engaged the retention system to adjust the fit to the particular size and shape of your head, you will know. Comfort combines with safety with the helmet’s design that keeps your ears free from obstructions that could muffle the sound of approaching danger. If riding a bike means soaking up the sound of life playing out all around you, then this lowpro helmet is the perfect choice. Another great reason to love this helmet is the lack of facial chafing and a line interior to maximize a smooth ride while wearing it. Nickel plated steel rivets form the interior to provide durability along with comfort. Like other novelty helmets on the market, Daytona Eagle Flat Black Skull Cap Novelty Motorcycle Helmet has a fast connection lock and interchangeable locking bodies There is no doubt that this is one of the premier novelty helmets on the market and that appeal is only made better by its modest price.

Like any novelty helmet designed primarily to look good, it is paramount to understand that the Daytona Eagle Skull Cap lives up to its novelty rating. That means no DOT stamp of approval and that means you shouldn’t expect the helmet to lend you equal amounts of cool and protection. The lack of full protective security will be compounded if you don’t make sure to order the right size. If you are just the slightest bit off when measuring the circumference of your head, you will love certain amount of the minimal level of safety the helmet does offer. When measuring for the X large, keep in mind that If your head size does not fit within the circumference of the model, there is always the option ordering one either a little large or a little small and using the retention strap to make proper adjustments.

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Low Profile Novelty Skull Cap – Gloss Black

Low Profile Novelty Harley Half Helmet

Another good choice for those who want would rather look good on their bike than cave in to DOT regulations against looking good on your ride is the Low Profile Novelty Harley Helmet.

True, you must sacrifice even the thought of enjoying maximum protection for your skull, but what you give up in safety you more than make up in affordability and comfort. Among the cheapest prices to find this helmet is, but if you prefer other sellers, you can certainly find it listed in the same general neighborhood.

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So why does this Low Profile Skull Cap deserve special attention? For one thing, it is well-equipped with a quick release buckle that increase the comfort by not disturbing your neck. This feature also allows the helmet to sit tight on your head without being uncomfortable. Your chin will thank you after a long ride due to the adjustable padded strap that is small enough to allow the helmet to keep its low profile intact. Overall, this helmet looks absolutely amazing on with its unbelievably shiny finish. A bonus is the unexpected strength of the helmet acquired from its steel construction, padded interior and cushioned ABS shell.

About the only thing not to like about this very affordable helmet is that it lacks DOT approval. If the makers could figure out a way to keep the helmet looking exactly the same while still making the DOT happy, this could very well be one of the best selling helmets of all time. Ah well, everything comes with a price and when it comes to his novelty helmet, the price is the peace of mind offered by a helmet you can trust to keep your brain in place.

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Novelty Eagle Low Profile Motorcycle Helmet

Novelty Low Profile Helmet Eagle Flat Black

Another good quality, low profile helmet you can use with a certain level of confidence is the Novelty Eagle Flat Black Biker Motorcycle Helmet.

Yeah, okay, that’s a mouthful, but it’s worth committing to memory when you search for a stylish helmet. What we have here is a solid helmet with lightweight fiberglass shell, padded chin strap, comfy liner, D rings and quick release.

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Should your head not quite be a perfect medium, simply go up or down a level and use the adjustable straps to get a better fit. Word of advice when measuring for circumference: narrow heads are more easily adjusted inside a helmet that is slightly smaller. Once again, the concern for safety mandates repeating that, like all these novelty helmets, this one is not DOT certified. That doesn’t mean you go no protection at all, but simply that you won’t get the maximum protection the marketplace has made available.

If you are okay riding around with minimal protection, but a maximum of looking good, this novelty helmet does the trick. If looks are of minimal importance and you prefer comfort to maximum protection, it also more than fits the bill. Understand that this helmet is not a half helmet. The affordable price brings you the benefit of a full helmet, meaning it should most quite nicely.

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Low Profile Novelty German Half Helmet

Low Profile Novelty German Half Helmet Skull Cap Matte Black

If you are looking for a novelty half helmet that is affordable and comfortable and actually looks good atop a large head, then the Low Profile Novelty German Half Helmet is a perfect choice.

The low profile design means giving up protection of your entire head, but the minimal protection for the price of a light weight up there is probably more than a fair trade, right?

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For those ample-skulled bikers who would rather wear nothing at all than another one of those mushroom helmets, this helmet could be the answer to your prayers. Provided your prayers have been for a fashionable helmet that leaves your ears free to hear the sound of traffic, is durable enough to last for years and offers a comfortable interior to house your head.

If you want to take advantage of the extra large design, make sure to measure your head carefully to ensure a proper fit. If your measurements don’t align perfectly, you may have no choice, but to opt out for a smaller size. Even with its extra-large size, you would still have to look far and wide to find a more affordable helmet equipped with all its features. Adjustable chinstraps can offer significant assistance if you don’t get the size just right. Steel construction materials allow you to ride in the wide open air without fear of its toppling right off your head. You can even enjoy a greater than minimal level of security thanks to the ABS shell.

By definition, each and every one of these novelty helmets won’t allow you sit astride your bike secure in the knowledge that your head can handle anything the road has to throw at it. The lack of DOT approval for any of these helmets should is not meant to equate them with meaning you are buying a helmet utterly lacking any ability to protect your head. Nevertheless, it is absolutely essential to understand before making the decision to buy a novelty helmet that your head is not going to receive the full protection from injury that is available out there. On the other hand, the safety measures afforded by the quality construction of these helmets are more than enough to ensure that strapping any of them onto your head and beneath your chin will make your ride reasonably safe under most conditions.

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So which one is the best low profile motorcycle helmet? Because I’m a big fan of the germans, that is always my go-to. I tend to like the look of the Carbon-Fiber German Helmets a little better though. Gotta have a DOT Helmet, I get it. These are the best DOT low profile helmets.