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Look at This Funky Polestar SLR Electric Concept Motorcycle

Arthur Martins Polestar SLR concept

A Futuristic, Block of a Motorcycle

The coolest thing about electric motorcycles is that you can stop worrying about conventional motorcycle design. Most electric motorcycles and electric motorcycle concepts look a lot like gasoline-powered bikes. I get this. People like something familiar, but Arthur Martins has gone the complete other way with its SLR Electric Concept motorcycle. 

Martins designed the SLR. He’s an automotive designer and has worked with GM, Citroen, and Faraday Future. Now he has a design on his Behance profile for Polestar. He made a weird-looking motorcycle. The SLR looks like a portable hard drive with wheels. It’s designed for straight-line speed and not canyon carving. The motorcycle has some knobby tires, an overall aerodynamic look, and a thin width. It doesn’t look super comfortable but then few concept vehicles do.

According to his Behance profile, the bike was designed for salt lake racing. He says there’s design for a street-legal version in progress. The bike features a seat on top and some button indicators. Under the seat is where the plug goes to power up the bike. As interesting as this is, I doubt a design like it will come to production any time soon.