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‘Last Motorcycle on Earth’ film going ahead

Last Motorcycle on Earth goes ahead

A disturbingly realistic film project about motorcycles being banned in a future world of autonomous vehicles will go ahead despite failing to raise funds from an Indiegogo campaign.

Director of The Last Motorcycle on Earth, Eric Ristau, has confirmed they are going ahead with production and says he appreciates the supportive comments from readers in our first article about his project.

“At this point, we are working to finish what is essentially an extended pilot – or, in the event that the series doesn’t get funded, a stand-alone feature film,” he says.

“Without the hoped-for crowdfunding, our progress is slower but still on track to wrap up this fall.

“As for distribution and release date, it is impossible to say at this point.  If we end up self-distributing, it will certainly be soon than if a studio or streaming service is calling the shots.”

Film goes ahead

The Last Motorcycle on Earth!
Scene from The Last Motorcycle on Earth!

The film depicts a not-too-distant future where motorcycles are banned because they are the last dangerous vehicles in a world of electric automated cars, trucks and buses.

Last Motorcycle on Earth goes ahead
Scene from The Last Motorcycle on Earth!

It’s the fictional story of a vintage motorcycle collector and bike builder, Conrad Mendel (played by co-producer Neil “Morto” Olson), as he grapples with a new world of technology that threatens to destroy his passion and way of life. 

Sad reality

The sad fact is that the film may not be too far from reality.

The safety nannies consistently and unfairly target motorcycles and riders. They want motorcycles off the road.

The Last Motorcycle on Earth!
Scene from The Last Motorcycle on Earth!

In fact, it’s already happening.

Cities such as Paris, Singapore and Milan ban older motorcycles from their CBDs for pollution reasons and they have been banned in some Mid-East and Asian cites because they are the preferred vehicles of assassins and thieves.

Around the world police and politicians are also seeking tougher laws on “bikies” and loud exhausts.

And in 2017, a group of American motorcycle industry luminaries, aptly called “Give a Shift”, released a report on the future of motorcycling saying bikes are in danger of being killed off by autonomous vehicles.

With the rise of allegedly safe, electric-powered automated vehicles, motorcycles will stand out as the last “dangerous” and polluting vehicle.

Let’s hope the film does go ahead and raises public awareness of the possible dangers to our freedom.